How to create an effective plan for human resource development

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How to create an effective plan for human resource development

In this day and age when many companies are experiencing a shortage of human resources, human resource development is an important factor for a company to survive.
There are many people who are in charge of education or human resources in a company who are worried about how to develop human resources.
So, in this article.The key to effective planning for human resource development."of implementing of ICT in education.
We will also explain the appropriate training methods for acquiring skills and the key points for promoting human resource development!
If you are an educator who is troubled with human resource development, please refer to this page.

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What is a human resources development plan?

What is a human resources development plan?
A human resources development plan is a development plan designed to develop hired employees into the kind of people that the company needs.
A human resource development plan is not essential to promote human resource development.
However, if you do not have a clear idea of how to proceed with the training, the training policy may be blurred within the company.
It's not uncommon for employees to feel insecure when they don't have a clear training policy in place.
If you want to successfully develop your people, it is important to have a clear human resource development plan.

Importance and benefits of human resource development planning

The following two points are representative examples of the "importance and merits" of human resource development planning.
We can motivate our employees.
With a workforce development plan in place, your employees will know what knowledge and skills they need to acquire.
As a result, your employees will be motivated because they will know exactly what to do.
It's not easy to stay motivated when your goals are not clear.
A workforce development plan is important to keep employees engaged.

Progress of the training plan becomes easier to grasp.
Without a human resources development plan, it is difficult to grasp the overall picture of how to proceed with development.
It will take time to check what educational programs are currently underway and what the challenges are at this stage.
However, if you have a human resource development plan in place, it will be easier to track your progress.
By having a system in place to regularly record and check on progress, we can ensure steady progress in human resource development.

How to make a human resources development plan

Step by step image of human resource development plan
When creating a human resource development plan, it is important to take the steps into account.
Here, we explain how to create a human resources development plan step by step.

STEP1: Clarify the image of the person you are looking for

First, identify the type of person your company is looking for.
In doing so, it is important to compare them with the company's management goals and vision.
Lack of a management perspective may not lead to a human resources development plan with a long-term perspective.
If you have a management goal of expanding your market overseas in five years, you need to develop human resources who can work not only in Japan but also overseas.
The key is to carefully review your company's situation and establish the type of person you are looking for.

STEP2: Set a goal

Once you have a clear idea of the kind of person you are looking for, you can set specific goals.
When setting goals, in addition to the "major goal," which is the ultimate goal, set "minor goals" to achieve the major goal.
If you set too high a goal, it will be difficult to keep your employees motivated.
If the goal is at a level that can be reached with a solid effort, it will be easier for employees to reach the goal.
It is also important to set small goals in order to accumulate successful experiences.

STEP3: Understand the current situation

After setting the goal, we try to understand the current situation.
It is important to objectively understand how much difference there is between your current self and what you should be aiming for.
Assessing the current situation should be carried out regularly, even after the plan has been prepared.
If the goals you set and the current situation are too far apart, you should consider resetting your goals.

STEP4: Identify the skills you will need.

Once you have set your goals, identify the skills you need to achieve them.
By clearly stating what skills you want the employee to have by when, the person providing the training will have a clear idea of what the employee needs to do.
It is recommended that the identification of the required skills be carried out by more than one person.
Incorporating different people's perspectives can help you avoid overlooking the skills you need.

STEP5: Determine the education method for acquiring skills.

Once you have identified the skills you need, you can determine how you will educate them to acquire those skills.
While there are many ways to acquire skills, in some industries the only way to acquire skills is through hands-on experience.
Once you have a firm grasp of each training method, decide which method is best suited to your company, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages.

Educational methods suitable for skill acquisition

There are three types of education methods that are suitable for skill acquisition.

Education method in group training

This is a training method in which employees to be trained gather in one place and receive training, etc. in the form of lectures.
If you want to train a large number of employees at once, group training is the right choice.
Now, due to the spread of the new coronavirus, it has become difficult for many people to gather in one place.
For this reason, more and more companies are offering online group training.

OJT training methods

This is a method of education through actual work experience.
If you want to make the content learned in the classroom more established, practical training is more effective and is often conducted after the training is completed.
Since OJT is basically one-on-one, it has the advantage of being able to provide education that is tailored to each individual.
However, since there are many cases in which the quality of training varies depending on the person in charge of training, it is important to make the human resources development plan known in advance.

How to use e-learning for education

It is a method of education that uses the Internet.
You can create learning content in advance, and employees can learn when they want.
It is not uncommon for e-learning rather than group training to be introduced as a measure to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.
It is a very suitable education method in the situation of coronary disasters because it has the advantage of high flexibility.


Key points in promoting human resource development

Images of people giving feedback
When promoting human resource development, keep the following points in mind in order to achieve more effective training.

Key point 1: Provide feedback on a regular basis
Feedback plays an important role in promoting development.
It is important to observe employees' behavior and performance, and then provide feedback to make them aware.
When giving feedback, it is not a good idea to throw negative words around.
Use words that motivate your employees and strive to build mutual trust.

Key Point 2: Revise your goals as needed
Even if you have carefully developed a human resource development plan, it is not uncommon for the plan to go awry.
Check your progress regularly and revise your goals if you find it difficult to teach as planned.
If you proceed with training without a good plan in place, you may lose employee motivation.
Care should be taken to increase self-esteem, such as thoroughly developing areas of strength.


In this issue, in addition to the details of the human resources development plan and how to formulate the plan, we explained the important points to be considered when promoting human resources development.
When promoting human resource development, it is important to establish a development plan.
Let's clarify what kind of human resources we want to develop and then proceed with the training.
The most recommended way to acquire skills is through e-learning.
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