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About this update

We are very excited to announce that learningBOX has upgraded
to learningBOX updated from Ver. 2.18 to 2.19 is now available.

Now, let's try the new features on your learningBOX.
*As part of security enhancement, WAF (Web Application Firewall) will be introduced in the shared environment from this release.
 For more information, see " click here.

▼learningBOX Ver2.19 New Feature List

item name
New functions/functional improvements
Manage contents PDF functionality
Test mode settings
Users Date/Time format
Sorting Groups
Grades Score amendment
Progress record
Show/hide scores
Upload corrected results when scoring
Grading of Reports by Question
Environment Settings Add badge description
Other Functions Use sign-in ID when password is reissued
Design customization Limit Curriculum
Training functions
Expanded function of the Site customizer
API linkage item added
Download Registration Screen URL
PUSH notification when badge is acquired
Sender name setting for from mail
Dedicated Server Unique SSO key account billing support
CardGenerator Memorization card

The new version of the system allows users to shuffle the order of questions on the memorization cards, insert audio, correct the answers to questions after the user has completed them, and reorder groups on the user management screen, as requested by many of our customers.
We have also added a number of new features that are available with shared server/customization and dedicated server subscriptions.


PDF functionality

2.19New Feature Eye Catch_PDF

You can now not only view PDFs, but also highlight important content and make notes.
Please note, however, that if you use a lot of highlighting and pens in your PDF, you may not be able to import your grade data.


CardGenerator-Expansion of memorization card functionality

2.19New feature eye-catching_memorization_card (1)

You can now shuffle the order of questions on the memorization cards and insert audio files [mp3]/chemical formulas/equations.


Score amendment

Score Correction

After a user completes a quiz/test, admin(s) can correct the correctness of the questions.


Sort Groups

2.19New_Function_Eye_Catch_Group (1)
Registered groups can be rearranged in any order.

Test mode settings

Previously, items that were not hidden in the test mode unless the settings were manually changed.
Starting with this version, hidden items can be automatically switched to be displayed when the conditions set in "Overall Settings" are met.

Date/Time format

You can set the display format of date and time.

Progress record

In the "Tags" screen of Progress record, you can narrow down using "Section tag," "Quiz tag," and duration.

Show/hide scores

A new item has been added to the Grade Results section of the Manage scores that allows the user to show/hide results.


Upload corrected results when scoring

Now it is possible to upload a file of the correction results.


Score report in progress

You can save scores of reports using Report/questionnaire format even in progress.


Add badge description

You can add badge descriptions.
You can also choose whether to show them or not.


Use sign-in ID when password is reissued

Until now, it was necessary to enter the registered e-mail address when reissuing a password in the event that the login password was forgotten.
This update allows you to specify not only your e-mail address but also your login ID to reissue your password.

Limit Curriculum

A new limit setting has been added to the Basic curriculum settings that limits the amount of content that can be taken at the same time.

Training functions

An archiving function has been added, as well as the ability to approve or disapprove training reservations in batches.
Users can also now cancel their training reservations.

Expanded function of the Site customizer

Now, you can change the layout of the menu.
Same as the side menu, you can edit the header menu.

API linkage item added

By linking learningBOX user information as an API item, SCORM material can be learned without the need to sign-in.

Download Registration Screen URL

In the group registration URL of the account application registration function, a list of registered groups and issued URLs can now be downloaded in CSV format.

Unique SSO key account billing support

Unique SSO integration with the customer's core system allows users to be redirected to the "Plan Selection" screen when they register for an account.
*The use of account billing must be set as mandatory on the "Account Billing Management" screen.

PUSH notification when badge is acquired

The following three items have been added to the JSON of the PUSH notification sent when a badge is acquired.
sco_code" = content code
badge_code" = badge code
score" = number of points for the content at the time the badge is acquired.
*If a badge is set for a course/folder, "score" will not be sent.

Sender name setting for from mail

In addition to changing the from mail address, the sender name of the mail can now be set.


Please contact our CS sales team for detailed instructions or questions.

 Contact us

We will continue to listen to our customers and improve the functionality of the site to make it even more comfortable to use.

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