The forefront of online learning! What is the LMS that supports e-learning [2021]?

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The forefront of online learning! What is the LMS that supports e-learning [2021]?

My name is Kidaoka and I'm in charge of marketing.
In this article, we will discuss the indispensable e-learning"How does an LMS work?Here are some details about
Recently, in response to the spread of the new coronavirus, telework has been promoted and the number of companies introducing LMS is increasing every year.


▼ This article is for customers with these problems!

1. to train human resources effectively

2. Centralized management of in-house training

3. To reduce the cost of training by reducing the cost of transportation and accommodation for employees

4. to visualize and share the company's know-how at the organizational level


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  • 1. What is LMS?
  • 2. Standardization of LMS by SCORM
  • 3. What has become possible by using the LMS
  • 4. Human Resource Education in the Corona Era
  • 5. Summary


What is LMS?

What is LMS?

LMSstands for Learning Management System.learning management systemIt is also said.
An LMS is a system that not only manages e-learning materials, learning, and grades, but also integrates and centralizes the management of training and course applications and learner progress.
It is being developed as a platform that comprehensively provides the functions necessary for corporate human resource development.

It refers to the environment that serves as the foundation and infrastructure for systems and services that deliver e-learning via the Internet. By utilizing IT technology, learners can receive training from remote locations or even from home.

By utilizing the LMS, we canWe can improve operational efficiency while enhancing learning across the organization.

Purpose of LMS

As the name "Manage Learning" implies, it was originally developed for the purpose of distributing e-learning materials to learners and managing learning results as data.
Before the spread of the Internet, e-learning used to be a combination of CD or DVD and computer-based materials for training.
All the administrator had to do was deliver the CDs, DVDs, and other materials to the learner, and the learning could begin.

However, the disadvantage of the conventional method is that it is difficult to maintain learners' motivation and enthusiasm, and administrators have no visibility of learners' progress information and performance.

1. whether the learner has completed the course or not?
2. how much have you learned?
3. which courses are necessary for learners?

The training was going on with no way to manage this information. In addition, we were unable to improve the training content or verify its effectiveness.

That's where the LMS came in!

With the advent of the LMS platform, we now have an integrated system for managing the information necessary for e-learning operations.
Administrators and educators can now acquire learner learning and performance data in real time and strategically train human resources.
With the advent of the LMS.Learners can see their own learning history and test results, and receive support and feedback at the right time.You can now receive

Main functions of the LMS

The functions of an LMS can be broadly divided into two categories: for learners and for administrators.
Which materials and courses should be assigned to which learners? and "How far along is the learner in the course?You can manage the following

There are many LMSs available in the world with a wide variety of functions.
The Japan e-Learning Consortium, a non-profit organization that promotes the spread and standardization of e-learning, introduces the main functions of LMS as follows

Main functions of LMS
1. Register, change, or delete learners
Registration of teaching materials and assignment of teaching materials to learners
3. management of individual learner's learning history, learning progress, and grades
4. performance aggregation and statistical analysis functions
Set up a bulletin board for information sharing and send e-mails to learners.
Reference. Japan e-Learning Consortium

To briefly summarize the features of LMS

With e-learning using LMS, the learning status is managed by the server, so you can check the learning status in real time.
By centralizing the management of learning information, we can expect to encourage people who are behind in their learning to take appropriate action and to continuously improve the quality of learning materials from the analysis of correct and incorrect information.

Benefits for learnersOnline learning-learningBOX-1

Easy to understand the flow of learning from start to finish
Learning progress and test results are displayed in real time, making it easy to stay motivated.
You can view your learning history, so you can understand your strong and weak areas.
Depending on the company, you can take the course at any time and any place (if there is no IP restriction).


Benefits for AdministratorsOnline learning-learningBOX-1

Enables cost reduction and rapid implementation
View the progress and test results of each learner and extract them in CSV format.
Automates the counting of learners' study time and the correction of tests, reducing the workload.
The data can be centrally managed on the server, making it easy to manage students and course materials.

In addition to being able to manage the progress and performance of all learners, the LMS also makes it easy to understand each learner's strengths and weaknesses by quantifying and graphing performance data.

Standardization of LMS by SCORM

SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is a global standard for e-learning developed by the ADL (Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative), an American standardization organization. ADL (Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative), an American standards organization.

It is a standard in e-learning and defines specifications for combining LMS (Learning Management System) and teaching materials.
You can also load materials from different companies as long as they are SCORM compliant.
In Japan, the Japan e-Learning Consortium certifies LMSs and content, as well as SCORM-related certifications.

The two roles of SCORM

There are two main roles for SCORM.

1. Register the teaching materials in the system
No.2: Exchange of grades and other information between teaching materials and the system

The fact that these are standardized specifications means that different vendors' materials and LMSs (learning management systems) can be used in combination.

Benefits of SCORM

Before the advent of SCORM, materials created by Company A could only be used in Company A's LMS.
Unless Company A and Company B have a business alliance and share the same specifications, basically Company A's content can only be used on Company A's LMS, and Company B's content can only be used on Company B's LMS.
However, with the advent of SCORM, interoperability between LMS (Learning Management System) and teaching materials (contents) can be realized.


An article on ▼SCORM is described in detail here.


What has been made possible by the use of the LMS

With the advent of LMSs, even on-site personnel can now easily manage e-learning.
Learner performance data, learning materials, and even programs can now be managed collectively on the Web, reducing the burden on administrators and enabling more effective and efficient operations.

Enrollment registration, student management, updating of course materials, and program maintenance can be handled quickly and flexibly while keeping costs low, and learners can study anytime and anywhere with the latest environment and course materials.

By capturing this kind of user information and learning data, such as login status, course frequency, test results, and whether or not the user has completed the prescribed course, it is hoped that the system will be able to provide "educational materials that are appropriate for the company, the organization, and each individual.

Tatsuno Information System's LMS is an e-learning system that focuses on ease of use and low cost!

What is LMS?

Tatsuno Information System's LMS (Learning Management System) "learningBOX" is designed not from the developer's perspective but from the user's perspective.
learningBOX is an e-learning "box" that allows you to build and manage a traditional learning environment on the web.
The system is designed to manage learning by placing learning materials such as videos and PDFs, questions and tests, and grades in these boxes.
If you have any of these problems, learningBOX can solve them for you!

1. We already have an LMS (Learning Management System), but the operation, settings and system of the LMS are difficult to understand.
2. Only people with IT knowledge can set up and manage the system, which is a problem.
No.3 I want to keep the cost of LMS low.

You can learn more about how to use the learningBOX on this page.

STEP1. how to start learningBOX

STEP2. how to set up learningBOX

We have compiled a list of examples of learningBOX applications.

Customer's success is our success.
We are keeping a high customer retention rate.

1. To meet the needs of the new normal society, online examinations are available at home!
No. 2: The flexibility to respond to requests immediately and the support was great.
No.3. They are very happy because they can learn over and over again.

⇒Using thelearningBOXClick here for a list of case studiesYou can check it from

Click here for examples of use at Tatsuno Information Systems


Education of Human Resources in the Corona Era

The impact of the new coronavirus caused a decline in business performance and sales and the sudden introduction of telework, changing the nature of organizational activities and the way people work.
The third wave has arrived and many companies are still struggling to cope with it.
Economic activity has stagnated throughout Japan, and there are many organizations that have experienced a significant drop in performance and are now operating at a loss.

Impact of the Spread of Novel Coronavirus Infection on Companies

By 5 p.m. on August 3, Tokyo Shoko Research reported 11 bankruptcies (liabilities of 10 million yen or more) related to the new Corona, bringing the total number of bankruptcies since February to 385 (321 bankruptcies and 64 cases in the process of discretionary legal counsel/preparation). In addition, 12 small-scale bankruptcies with liabilities of less than 10 million yen have been identified, although they are not included in the total.
Source.From Tokyo Shoko Research|"New Coronavirus"-related bankruptcy situation
[The IT industry, in fact, had a lot of business closures] An in-depth investigation of the industries that have gone bankrupt or closed due to the new coronavirus and the subsidies that were used! The IT industry, which has been positively affected, was actually closed down a lot!
Source.Chat Plus Corporation|From the survey on the impact of the new coronavirus on various industries


Digital communication required in the Corona era

Due to the continuing spread of the coronavirus, many companies are now facing the urgent task of identifying and reviewing their fixed costs and expenses in order to ensure business continuity. In some cases, costs related to human resource development, education, and training may also be subject to cost review.

How can we recover and expand our performance as an organization in the era of Wiz Corona?
As we must survive in a society that coexists with coronaviruses, the most important issue for executives and managers is how to recover and expand the performance of their own organizations."The social changes caused by the Corona disaster are an opportunity to change a lot of things.But it is.

In order to recover from deteriorating business performance, make up for losses, and achieve sustainable growth for the organization, it is necessary to have marketing and management strategies, human resource training, and the management skills to implement them that are based on a clear understanding of the times.


In this article, we introduced in detail the functions and mechanisms of an LMS, which are indispensable for e-learning.

While e-learning and LMS are attracting a lot of attention, many managers are troubled by their high running costs.
However, corporate human resource development is not a cost, but an investment. Human resource development leads to the "company power" of corporate management.
Let's overcome the adversity of the recession together through employee education!

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