Advance Notice] Specification changes accompanying the release of Ver. 2.20


Thank you for your continued patronage of our services.
Now, starting with the Ver. 2.20 release scheduled to be implemented in early December 2022, the specifications of some functions will be changed.
For details, please refer to the following.

Change in the method of re-uploading video materials

MOVIE-3.0.0 is the latest and stable version of MOVIE-3.0.0 with the addition of new features for video materials.

How to re-upload videos from Series 3 onward
To re-upload a video, go to Content Management > Video Materials, right-click on Video Slide Settings, delete the original video and upload it.

Added "PayPal Subscription" as a payment method

PayPal Subscription" is a new payment method for subscribing to a paid plan.

Expansion of management authority functions

When downloading user information (downloading registered user information), information on administrative privileges granted can now also be downloaded.
In addition, a new item for administrative privileges has been added to the CSV format used for bulk registration of users.

Change of recommended environment

Support for some OS/browsers will be discontinued.
For more information, click here.Recommended environment changePlease refer to the notice of the

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