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A service that allows you to add essential corporate training content to your learningBOX.learningBOX ONNew content has been added to the "New Content" section of the website!

The new content is a collaboration with "BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE: Compliance through Drama" by Lawyer.com, Inc. and is designed to help students empathize with the content and keep them engaged throughout the course.

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We would like to introduce some of the contents of this issue, so if you are in charge of human resources or training, please check it out.


Ltd. and Lawyers.com, Inc. have begun offering e-learning content on compliance.

BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE", a video content provided by "BUSINESS LAWYERS", the largest portal site for corporate legal affairs in Japan operated by Lawyer.com. Compliance" is now available on learningBOX ON to support e-learning and in-house production of in-house training programs.

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BUSINESS LAWYERS" is one of Japan's largest corporate law portal sites with approximately 690,000 monthly visitors. The latest legal amendments and judicial precedents are explained by 939 experienced corporate lawyers and attorneys.

One of the contents is "BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE: Learn Compliance through Drama," in which compliance issues that arise in the business world are conveyed through dramas under the supervision of lawyers.

The program is designed to provide a "fun" experience that has not been available in conventional training programs, while also focusing on the key points of compliance training, making it possible to conduct compliance training as if watching a drama.

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Here are some of the free contents of "Drama to Learn Compliance". All "Drama to Learn Compliance" content is supervised by attorneys and includes commentary based on the legal system and the views of government ministries.

From basic knowledge of compliance to content on accounting irregularities, whistle-blowing, copyrights, and contracts, the videos dramatize compliance issues that are "out there" in actual business operations. Each video is compact and condensed in its key points, and can be taken at any place and at any time, according to the timing of the individual, even during a gap in time.

In addition to compliance, it also includes content on information security and harassment, enabling the speedy creation of reliable training materials.

What is Compliance|Is your company in danger if you don't have integrity? Compliance in the New Era

The drama on the basics of compliance is carefully explained, including the types of laws that must be observed.

Managers and Harassment|Don't cross the line! Boundary between Cautionary Instruction and Harassment

The drama about managers and harassment revolves around the difference between cautionary guidance and harassment, with "one thing" that tends to happen in the company.

Information Security|Beware of "spam mail," which can steal important information with a single click

In the drama on information security, you can learn what you should pay attention to in an easy-to-understand manner, including recent spam mail tactics.

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How to Use

Any user registered on learningBOX can view the free training content on learningBOX ON. Through this collaboration, users will be able to further utilize the free and paid contents of BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE to build an efficient training program suited to their needs.

Here is how to use the BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE x learningBOX.

Already a LearningBOX user?

(1) In the learningBOXLog in 

(2) Go to "Content Management


Press the "+" icon for content management.


(4) Select "learningBOX ON" > "BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE" > "Free Trial Course" in the menu.


(5) "BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE" will be added to the course list.


New Registration

If you are not yet registered with learningBOX, you can use almost all functions (excluding paid options) for free and indefinitely for up to 10 people, so please try it out.

≫ Click here to register for free.

If you are a new registrant, please log in and "BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE" will be registered in the course list in advance, so you can use it immediately.


BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE also offers paid content, please contact us for details. here.

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We introduced the new content of learningBOX ON, BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE, which can be viewed on any device (PC, tablet, smartphone) and is recommended for companies that want to conduct compliance training from home. We also recommend this service for companies that want to conduct compliance training from home.

You can also create your own original courses by combining BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE content with your own content, so please take advantage of this for your in-house training.

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LearningBOX collaborates with "BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE" provided by Lawyer.com! Please try "Compliance through Drama" supervised by lawyers.

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