learningBOX upgraded to Ver. 2.23

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We are very excited to announce that learningBOX has upgraded
tolearningBOX ver. 2.23 is now available.

Now, let's try the new features on your learningBOX.

New Features

AI Assist

AI can be used to automatically create quizzes/tests, memorization cards, and analyze reports.
The following is an explanation of each of these functions.

1. automatic generation of quizzes and tests

AI can be used to automatically generate quizzes and tests.
This makes it easy to add quizzes, saving a great deal of man-hours and time in coming up with quiz drafts.

➡To see more, clickAI Assist - Quiz and Test.

2. automatic generation of memorization cards

Using AI, memorization cards can be generated automatically.
This allows the creation of keywords and content to be memorized on the memorization cards without costing the creator time and man-hours.

➡To see more, clickAI Assist - Memorization Cards.

3. automatic analysis of reports

AI-based report analysis capabilities are available.
This reduces the man-hours required for scoring on the administrator's side.

➡To see more, clickAI Report Analysis.

Download a list of new features from the following link.

List of New Features


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

 Contact us

We will continnue to improve our service as a customer-centric company.

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