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Implemented an e-learning system to support micro-learning for readers with a "special offer" service available to readers who subscribe to our certification exam preparation books.

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Based on the PC and IT genre, which we have been dealing with as a specialized media since the establishment of the company.
By making the most of our strengths in publishing, electronic publishing and online media, we will further expand our "specialty" and
The company continues to take on the challenge of transmitting information in a multifaceted and complex manner.


▼ Mr. Noshi Hatanaka, Learning Editor/Editor (photo on the right) with our Director, Mr. Mori.

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We spoke with Learning Editor/Editor Noshi Hatanaka about this project.

What was the reason for introducing learningBOX?

The editorial department I work for makes books for studying for qualifications. We mainly make study books and past question collections for IT qualifications, home construction, bookkeeping, and so on. As "extras" to these books, we've always had a vocabulary book that can be studied with a smartphone, and also a question book. The reason why I decided to use your company was because I had actually used two companies before I started using your company... but both of them ended their services. Then I came across learningBOX. Up until then, I was using native apps that came in both Android and iPhone (iOS) versions, but they weren't quite right... each company wasn't monetizing well, and both companies ended their services. That's when I came across your learningBOX, and I was attracted by the fact that it's web-based, and you don't need a smartphone to use it, and it works on both PCs and tablets! I was attracted by the fact that it was web-based and could be used on both computers and tablets. The previous service suddenly stopped, so I decided almost immediately to go with Tatsuno-san. So we replaced the service we had before we started using learningBOX with learningBOX.

▼ Home screen of the "Privilege" service
We have an exclusive customization plan for learningBOX.

Thank you so much for your instant decision! How did you find learningBOX?

It was simply an opinion within the company that we needed to make something that wasn't a native app. With native apps, every time the OS is upgraded, the app needs to be upgraded as well, right? So, we decided to look for a web app instead of a native app. So I decided to look for a web app. So I simply did a web search for "web app wordbook", and the site that came up at the top was Tatsuno-san. (laughs)
This is how it happened, but when I look at the website, it seems to clear what I want to do, and it has a good track record, and the feeling of using the free plan is perfect.

How did you feel when you actually used it?

I like that it runs smoothly on all platforms. However, compared to native apps... the screen design is a bit simpler because it's on the web, so there are some people in the company who think it's a bit... simple. But in fact, we haven't had any complaints like that from our readers, so we've been using it for a long time. So we are very satisfied with the service, and the best part is that it doesn't cost anything to run. Native applications are very costly.... Every time you install or upgrade, you have to pay for it. Considering that we are charged a lot of money, your system is cheap! It's very helpful. It's very helpful. (laughs)

Is it possible to show the actual extra content?

Of course. It is a privilege only for customers who purchased the book, and you can use it for free. How it works is that after you buy the book and register with our reader registration service "CLUB IMPRESS" at the end of the book, we provide you with an ID and password to use it. We provide about 30 contents in total, including a vocabulary book, selected questions, and a 0× quiz. All the contents for the Information Processing Engineer exam (IT Passport exam, Basic Information Engineer exam, etc.) are in the form of a vocabulary book, and in the case of the IT Passport, you can check the words that will appear on the actual exam and their explanations. This is a service that allows you to learn about 200 words during your commute by train or bus, which is useful because some of the questions on the IT Passport exam require you to understand the terms themselves.

The IT Passport Test Preparation Wordbook on your smartphone screen.
You can also view your own progress in understanding by checking the "Remembered" box at the bottom.

Takken and CCNA (an exam conducted by Cisco Systems, the world's largest manufacturer of network-related equipment, to certify the skills of network engineers) are available as a collection of questions. Some of the questions are taken directly from the text of the books, while others have been created especially for this system. You can use it as a repetition exercise together with the study in the book.
I started this book with the purpose of differentiating it from competitors' problem books, but now I feel that it has become the "selling point" of the book and is an advantage over other books.

▼ We were shown the actual screen.

It can be imitated by other companies that come in after it, and it is one of the most important contents in terms of recognition. The main part of the book is the book itself, and it plays a sub role, but in the reviews on Amazon, there are readers who have written things like "I'm glad it has an app" and "I can check it with one hand on the train and learn it in my free time.
We feel that we are of great help to everyone.

▼ The best selection of past home construction questions on the smartphone screen, 50 top volume

We are currently using the learningBOX as a bonus with the purchase of a book, but we would like to do more! Do you have any requests?

We've been talking for a while about how it would be nice if we could offer a service for just the content we're currently distributing, although we're currently offering it for free as a bonus with the book. In the case of "Easy Pass IT Passport Past Question Collection: FY2049 Autumn Term" published in June 2019, we provide not only a vocabulary book but also "past question practice" in the learningBOX. If we add "answer explanations" to the content, it could become a single learning app content. Books can do the "teaching" phase as much as you want, but the "let them learn on their own" phase is a different tool, isn't it? In that respect, Tatsuno-san's system, learningBOX, can be used in a variety of formats, so I think it will fit our needs. For example, one volume of our published collection of past problems for the Takken exam contains 15 years' worth of past problems, making it a single database. If you register all this content, you can solve 15 years of past questions, and you can also read the explanations immediately. In our question bank, we provide explanations for all the choices for the questions where you choose a choice. After solving a question, we believe that learning is only complete when you confirm all the reasons why this choice is right/wrong. Of course the reason for the correct answer is necessary, but it's also very important to understand why the incorrect choice is incorrect. If we can reflect all of this in the app, I think we'll have a huge advantage.
The market for books is shrinking rapidly, partly because of current trends and partly because of computerization.
I think we're at a point in time where people are shifting their behavior to watching content on videos like YouTube. In our company, we have a book called YouTuber's Guide to Excel, and it's selling very well. It's a book that combines video and paper content. There is a slight sense that if we don't take that approach, we won't be able to attract readers.
I feel that tools like learningBOX are a weapon for those who provide learning. I think it will be important in the future to combine them to create something new. Our company originally started out in the print media, and now we are fusing paper and other tools to provide content to our readers. In the future, we hope to provide even more useful content for learners by combining various tools in a hybrid way.


How did you like this case study?
I was moved by the passion that Mr. Hatanaka has for the books he publishes and the passion he has for learning.
There are, of course, things that can be achieved with e-learning alone and things that cannot be achieved with e-learning alone.
Like this interview, we will continue to develop more flexibility so that we can cross various things to create one thing and provide education in a new form!

Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with us.

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Let's use the learningBOX!
Let's use the learningBOX!