Release Schedule

new features
EC Function
1. Added the function of issuing coupons.
Manage Contents
1. A new report assignment creation form has been added. You can set up a memo and picture for the grader.
2.Added the function of ranking board.
3.The aggregation board function was added.
4.+ button>"Create Test" menu was added in "Quiz & Test". With this, you can easily set the number of lessons, publication period, and hide the header menu.
5. Added a function to set the release period for each teaching material.
6.Added the ability to gray out folders and teaching materials before and after the publication period.
7. 4 basic templates have been added to the "Select option settings" section of the quiz and test creation form.
8. A new "Save" button was added to the quiz/test creation form.
9.After creating/editing content, when you move to the content management screen, the function to highlight the content is added.
10. Added the menu "Favorite settings" in the gear button. It appears only for the owner.
11. A new function of "Hide correct answers/commentaries in the screen of score details" was added to the test mode settings. Target materials are quiz tests/iSpring/SCORM.
12. "Hide Header Menu in the Textbook Display Screen" function was added to the Test Mode setting. Target materials are quizzes and tests.
Badge Management
1. Added the ability to create customized badges. This allows you to limit the ability to prevent unclaimed members from purchasing products for certain badges.
Learn Contents
1. Added a function to display an animation when updating the score status.
2. Added the function to display "NEW" on new teaching materials.
Manage Members
1. Added the ability to set the automatic logout time.
Check socres
1. A new gear menu has been added. You can set the display contents, open questions and your grades.
2. Added member search function by login ID, name and nickname.

functional improvement
1. Modification to add only the number of people in the middle of the term and to renew the contract including the option.
After the PayPal payment, the product name that appears in the email sent by PayPal has been changed from PRO/MOVIE to starter/standard.
3. If there is a contract that has been paid for on the recent start date, a contract activation email will be sent to the owner and the member who applied for the contract on the start date of the contract.
4. We have stopped ordering the original application.
Information Management
1.It has been modified so that you can check the destination of notifications to the designated groups on the list screen.
2.Modify to show the registered users on the list screen.
Login Screen
1. Modify the password field so that you can see the characters you entered.
2. Modification to allow owner to login even if IP restriction is set. After logging in, please re-register the appropriate IP limit.
Manage Contents
1. For the Free Plan and Starter Plan, only one content can be uploaded for a large amount of material (30 MB to 500 MB file).
Restricted bar has been modified to automatically scroll to the installed position after installation.
3.The search function has been renewed. Colored icons are now displayed for each material, and an X button is placed in the upper right corner.
4. In the certificate template creation screen, the frame of the display after adding the issuance date and expiration date to the template was narrow and the characters were wrapped.
5.It has been modified to display the location of the original teaching materials in the information column of the shortcut teaching materials. If the original teaching materials have permission, it will be displayed and you can move to the corresponding teaching materials after clicking.
6. Modified the source code of Web page "Worm-eaten Note" to use the image path.
7. Modification of the upload screen of attached file material, iSpring material and SCORM material to show the capacity limit.
8. The questionnaire creation form has been modified to allow for theme selection.
9.It has been modified to carry over the settings from before duplication.
10.+The setting method of "Do not include in constraints" in the menu was changed from radio button selection to a toggle switch.
Manage Members
1. Modified to show the number of people before narrowing down the search filter.
2.The display of the group hierarchy has been redesigned. The search of the group name is also possible.
Search results and pager of search filters are now kept and displayed after editing members.
4. Modify to show terms of service tab only to subdomain owners.
5. Help button for duplicate login ID, display name and email address in the member registration and edit screen.
6. Various settings and member operation logs are integrated into the gear button.
Learn Contents
1.The search function has been redesigned. Colored icons are now displayed for each material, and an X button is placed in the upper right corner.
2. When clicking the grade button for each material, the grade displayed was changed from "Best" to "Latest".
3. Bug-Eating Note now supports English language browsers. This improvement can be confirmed by updating the player from the contents management.
Progress Record
1.The display of the group hierarchy has been redesigned. The search of the group name is also possible.
Check socres
1.The item to download CSV has been modified to be customizable.
2. When narrowing down a group, it has been modified to display the pull-down of the name only when there are less than 1990 members.
3. Modifications to show section names on the quiz grade details screen
4. Modified to exclude the score when clicking the abort button from the number of correct/wrong answers in the question tab.
My Page
1. Modify to display the contents of the contract when a member with setting authority logs in.
2. In the case of a monthly contract, the timing of the "Due soon" display has been changed from 30 days to 7 days before the expiration date.
EC Subscriptions
1. Added "Next Payment Date" field to the Subscription Products screen.
EC Product Management
1.Icons in the contents are changed to icons for each material.
2.The order in which lecturers are displayed has been modified.
3.The method of setting the publication period was changed from the number of days to the date when the publication ended.
EC Sales Management
1. Added a comment function to the order-specific tab.
2. Modified to display the end of use date in the product information.
EC Purchase History
1.Modification to display the end of use date in the product information.
EC Category Management
1. Modify to display a warning message when registering the same category name in the same hierarchy.
Email Settings
1.In the default email template for members, the company name, owner's name and owner's email address are automatically inserted in the email footer.
Modify default mail template to insert login URL in the footer of the mail to the owner automatically.
3. Added "(tax included)" to the unit price and sub-total in the EC product settlement information.
Entire Site
1.It has been modified to display a calendar at the part where the date is entered. English browser is also supported.
1.How to use my page settingsThe link has been changed.
2.We have made the design and colors consistent.
side menu
1. Moved "Version Control of Educational Resource Management Tool" from the lower level of Content Management to the lower level of Settings.

Including bug fixes


English Localization

English Localization

B to B sales of EC functions

B to B sales of EC functions

Renewal of the order page

Renewal of the order page

2.9 2020/2/13

Integration with LDAP / ActiveDirectory

SAML authentication settings

Badge Setting Function

Interruption resumption function

Specified material notification function

2.8 10/30/2019

About SAML authentication settings

Insert a title bar

Test mode setting function

Account approval notification email feature

Simultaneous login control function

Meta information display function for teaching materials

Move one content to another

New memorization card

Other improvements and bug fixes for existing functions

2.7 5/27/2019

Tertiary development of EC functions
GMO payment integration function
Payment API development

Score analysis function
Learning progress page for each user
Learning frequency/achievement rate
Recent Learning History
List of certificates earned

Question Creation Form
SCO tagging
Question tag function

QuizGenerator 5.5
Support for exam display (list of questions in a section)
Tagging by section/question

Manage Contents
Status Display Restrictions
You can choose to show or hide pass/learn/fail in SCO units.
Adaptation of folder assignment to lower level folders

Email Settings
Notification mail function
Email notifications to students not yet enrolled