How to Improve Learning with Blended Learning

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How to Improve Learning with Blended Learning

It's already the last month of the first year of 2049! I'm the development guy, Kobashi🐧. I hope you are all enjoying"Blended Learning."Have you ever heard of the term In recent yearse-learningandgroup trainingA new learning (training) style that combinesIn this article, we will discuss This time, I'd like to talk about"Blended learning."The following is a brief introduction to

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  • 1. what is "blended learning"?
  • 2. the advantages of implementing blended learning
  • 3. why learningBOX is a good choice for blended learning
  • 4. summary

What is "Blended Learning"?

blended learning

Blended Learnig
This is a training style that uses a combination of two types of learning methods: e-learning for knowledge acquisition and tests, and group training for discussions and on-the-job training.

Although e-learning has become the norm as a form of learning, there are some learning contents that cannot be mastered without practical training, and it is better to gather in person for group training/learning. In such cases, is group training alone really sufficient?
There are many cases where the majority of the training time is spent explaining basic knowledge and terminology, and the practical training is conducted in a hurried manner, and the learning effect and results are not good, right? In such cases, it is time to sort out the training content.

Take the example of "combining group training and e-learning."

1. participants acquire basic knowledge through e-learning in advance. Instructors collect data on learning status and conduct questionnaires to understand the status of students.

(2) In the training sessions where everyone gathers together, we focus on things that can only be done in real group training, such as practical skills training.

3. after the group training, participants will be able to continue their training by following up with e-learning and memory retention through review tests.

The learning effect will be much better if you In other words."Blending the best parts of multiple learning styles to maximize learning. This is the"Blended Learning.It is.

Blended learning (English: blended learning)
It is a form of learning in which students learn using materials and instructions provided, at least in part, by online delivery within a formal educational program, and in which they are able to determine to some extent when, where, and in what order and at what pace they learn.
Attendance at the school building would be maintained, but face-to-face classroom learning would be combined with computer-mediated activities (e-learning). Proponents of blended learning cite the ability to collect data on student progress and the ability to customize the process of instruction and assessment as major advantages of this approach. (From Wikipedia.)

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Benefits of implementing blended learning

Here are some of the benefits of incorporating blended learning into your training program

  • (1) By conducting questionnaires prior to the training, instructors can provide training that conforms to the learners' mastery status on the day of training.
  • (2) Increase participants' purpose and awareness of training participation
  • (3) Training is not one-way, but interactive and meaningful.
  • 4) By reviewing quiz-style materials and slide digests after the training, memory retention is enhanced.
  • 5) Reduced scheduling burden and transportation costs for training participants

Acquire basic knowledge through e-learning beforehand + Group training and classes + Memorization through e-learning afterwards

Transforming the classroom from input-based to output-basedflipped classroomis also a type of blended learning.
If you use e-learning to review after the class in addition to the flipped classroom, you will have the strongest blended learning.
It's not just a passive class where students listen to the teacher, but an interactive class. Since there will be a lot of communication from the students, the students' brains will inevitably be activated, won't they?

flipped classroom
This is a form of blended learning in which students prepare for new learning content by watching video lessons, usually at home, and there are no lectures in the classroom. On the contrary, the teacher gives individualized guidance on assignments that would otherwise be homework, and students work together with other students. It is a form of class in which the teacher gives guidance to each student and students work together with other students.

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Why learningBOX is a good choice for blended learning

You might think that reducing the number of training days and blending e-learning would save the organizer money. But is that really the case? In fact, blending e-learning can be costly in some cases. Here are some of the problems with e-learning in general

"'It's costly to implement a learning management system (LMS), so it won't save us any money.'

"It's hard to make SCORM materials."

"I can't easily modify the content of the material when I want to."

But with learningBOX, you don't have to worry about the above. You can easily create and modify teaching materials without any difficult knowledge. Moreover, you can expect a significant cost reduction. If you have any questions, please don't worry, we have a great support system.

E-learning is an easy way for individuals and companies to get started.
e-learning system


For more information about the functions of learningBOX, please refer toHow to use the learningBOX pageYou can read more about it at


In this article, we introduced blended learning, which can greatly increase learning effectiveness by separating the parts of training that can be done on an individual basis from the parts that can only be done in group training, even if the content is not suitable for e-learning. How about blending learningBOX, which you can easily start with 10 free accounts, into any learning scene?

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