Accelerate Learning with the New Design

Renewed User Interface

We are very excited to announce that the user interface of our quiz creation tool, QuizGenerator, was renewed for more mobile-friendly usability.
The new interface will be redesigned starting with the major version upgrade to Ver. 2.24 scheduled for December, 2023.
This renewal allows you to change the layout and fit to the full screen.

▼Image of design change

Click on the link below to view the new design.

>Sample Quiz: Master Mode
>Sample quiz: Normal mode
>Sample Quiz: Exam Layout (Horizontal)
>Sample Quiz: Exam Layout (Vertical)

Beta version Pre-Released

You can try the beta version with Ver. 2.23.
For more details, the following will help.

Admin/editor's Interface

1. Sign in to learningBOX.
2. Click the "+" button on the Manage contents.
3. Select "Content" > "Quiz/exam" > "Create Quiz (Beta)".

Don't you have a learningBOX account?

If you do not have a learningBOX account or only use QuizGenerator, click the link below.

Try the beta version

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