What is an LMS and how does it relate to e-learning?

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What is an LMS and how does it relate to e-learning?

LMS(Learning Management System) is a system for smooth progress of e-learning.
However, some of you may not know what an LMS is.
In this article, we will look at the basics of LMS and the benefits of using one.
If you would like to use an LMS in the future, please refer to this page.

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  • 1. What is LMS?
  • 2. Role of LMS
  • 3. advantages of LMS
  • 4. standardization of LMS by SCORM
  • 5. summary


What is LMS?

The role of e-learning
Let's take a look at the reasons for using an LMS and what the introduction of an LMS has made possible.

LMS is indispensable for e-learning

Until now, e-learning has involved distributing textbooks, CDs, DVDs, and other materials to students, who then study them on their own.
However, after the materials were distributed, the progress of the students was not known, and in many cases, learning was not effective.
However, an LMS makes it easier to manage e-learning learning.
For example, with an LMS, it is possible to monitor the learning pace of each student.

What the LMS has made possible

The LMS has not only made it easier to create, store, update, and distribute educational materials, but it has also made it possible to manage detailed learning content such as grades and areas of weakness.
The LMS also makes it easier for administrators to operate and maintain the system.
Whether you are a student, instructor, or administrator, the new system is easier to use and facilitates smooth learning.

Role of LMS

LMS has a role to support progress management, materials management, and smooth communication.
Let's take a look at how the three roles can help you learn.

Progress Management

In Progress Management, you can manage your study contents, study history, and grades.
It is also possible to encourage students to study through the automatic e-mail distribution function according to their progress.

materials management

If you are using a matching system, you can assign course materials that match your students.
In addition, it is possible to manage course materials, such as delivering new course materials by date and time, which is beneficial to both students and administrators.


Through the LMS, communication between students and course materials creators is also possible.
One of the roles of an LMS is to create an environment where students can easily consult and ask questions about their learning content.
In addition, encouraging each other among the students will help to improve their motivation.

Advantages of LMS

What is an LMS and how does it relate to e-learning?
The use of an LMS provides benefits to students, instructors, and administrators. Let's take a look at the specifics.

Benefits for Participants

Students are less likely to be confused about what they are learning because they are given clear instructions on which material to start and when.
It will also help you understand your own learning progress and areas of weakness, and create an environment where you can work towards your goals.

Benefits for Instructors

Test scoring is automatic, reducing the instructor's time and effort.
The individual performance of each student will be managed as data, making it easier to provide guidance.

Benefits for Administrators

With an LMS, there is no need to build an e-learning system. Therefore, you can get started without spending a lot of money or time.
Many of them are also secure and easy to operate and maintain.

Standardization of LMS by SCORM

SCORM is a standard for standardizing LMS.
Let's get to know the role of SCORM.

Role of SCORM

SCORM's role is to set the rules for the relationship between the LMS and the teaching materials.
By having a set of standards, it is easier to ensure compatibility even with different LMSs and teaching materials, and it is easier to develop related teaching materials.



LMS is an indispensable platform for e-learning.
The advantage of this system is that it facilitates the creation of teaching materials and grade management without cost and time.
In addition, the standard SCORM allows LMSs to be standardized and maintain compatibility.
Use an LMS to make your e-learning learning experience smooth.

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