Introducing corporate training using e-learning


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Introducing corporate training using e-learning

My name is Kidaoka and I'm in charge of marketing.
I thought we were in March, but it's quickly turning around.
April, the month when the fiscal year changes, is approaching soon.
I'm sure that many companies are conducting informal training right now.

For those of you in human resources who are busy preparing for the new hires coming in the spring! How do you plan to conduct your corporate training for the next year?
The number of companies conducting corporate training online is increasing every year due to the new coronavirus.
Our learningBOX has been receiving an increasing number of inquiries from companies regarding the introduction and operation of e-learning as part of their human resource development education.

In this article, we'll show you how to use our e-learning system, learningBOX, for your corporate training.
We hope that you will consider our learningBOX for your corporate training and new employee training.


  • 1. A system that allows anyone to easily build a web-based learning environment
  • 2. learningBOX is an LMS with all the necessary functions for human resources education.
  • 3. Advantages of using e-learning for corporate training
  • 4. Summary


A system that allows anyone to easily build a web-based learning environment.


learningBOX is an e-learning system that was developed and implemented based on the concerns of customers who were having problems with corporate training, exam preparation, and company human resource development and education.
Our concept is to make the system cheap and easy to use!

Since the beginning of our service in Japan, we have been used by many small and medium-sized companies and organizations, such as private cram school owners and restaurant owners, who feel that there are too many hurdles in introducing major e-learning systems.

The features of the learningBOX are1/10 of the industry price! 30,000 yen per year usageYou can start your e-learning program from the beginning and use it indefinitely. Free Plan to learn more about our system.
This is not a plan with limited features like the demo site.

If you have up to 10 users including the administrator, you can use almost all functions for free, except for the paid optional functions.

Most of the e-learning systems on the market today are very expensive, and most of the services are mainly designed for large corporations.

▼ The price rates for e-learning systems are explained in detail in this article.


A look back at why customers love the learningBOX: ・・・・

No. 1. learningBOX does not require any computer knowledge!
2. Even if you are not familiar with IT, you can easily learn how to set it up by touching it!
3. Intuitive design compared to other e-learning systems!
No.4. You can easily create the teaching materials you need for your company and publish them on the web!
No.5. The customer service is just so polite and kind!

Here's what's changed since I've been using learningBOX! It's improved!

In this page, we introduce the real voices from the companies who have actually introduced learningBOX.

Click here for a list of case studies

learningBOX is an LMS that provides all the necessary functions for human resource training.

learningBOX is an e-learning box that allows you to build and manage a traditional learning environment on the web.

LearningBOX's content features are unrivaled by any other e-learning system

There are more than 13 types of questions in the web test and quiz creation function.
Easily create tests and exercises to check the effectiveness of training.
There is no need for printing or preparation of the training site because the teaching materials can be easily distributed on the Web.
We can create tests for all kinds of industries and fields.
You can also sell your own educational materials in e-learning format.
You can learn more about the rich content features and usage of learningBOX in this article.


The learningBOX is a big part of our corporate training!

When new employees join our company, all of them start their training with the learningBOX.
New employees receive basic training for new employees and customer support (CS) training to understand the knowledge required for internal operations and company rules.

Basic training for new employees

In the basic training for new employees, participants learn basic information about the company, such as business activities, employment regulations, internal rules, tools used in business, and information security.
The learningBOX has a feature that allows you to set up a "course" that allows you to move on to the next question once you have passed a particular question.

Therefore, if you do not pass and understand the questions, you cannot move on.
The training itself can be carried out basically on your own, so you can learn at your own pace.

New employee training - e-learning

CS (Customer Support) Training

After learning how to reply to e-mails and how to write sentences, this is a report submission type training where you think about how to reply to e-mails in response to actual inquiries from customers in the past about learningBOX and QuizGenerator.
CS training is designed to "deepen understanding of learningBOX and QuizGenerator functions and services" and is attended by all employees, not just CS staff.

For more information on CS training, please refer to our internal case study. Please take a look at this article.

Let me show you just a few of the learningBOX learning screens!

This is a sample teaching material of learningBOX.
When you log in to learningBOX, you will find a pre-designed work manual and sample courses that will help you create content with confidence.

E-learning - Quiz


The members who joined our company summarized their impressions of learningBOX's training for new employees in a concrete and easy-to-understand way.
This article is also very helpful for those who are considering implementing e-learning!


Advantages of using e-learning for corporate training

The introduction of e-learning can significantly change the learning environment within a company.
Some of the benefits of e-learning to learners include

You can study at your own convenience.

The date, time, and location of a training program are usually set in detail because it requires preparation of instructors and training locations. However, employees who are too busy with their day-to-day work to adjust their work schedule to the training date and time are not able to apply for the training even if they want to check their understanding of their work content or further improve their skills.

On the other hand, with e-learning, you can learn at your own pace by utilizing the little time you have between work and leisure. The ability to learn "anytime, anywhere" is one of the greatest benefits of e-learning for learners.

Can be used as a business manual

It's not just review and skill development that e-learning excels at.
By organizing various information and know-how related to work in an easy-to-understand manner and making it available as data that can be freely viewed by all employees, it is possible for them to solve questions and issues that arise within their work and learning on their own.

In addition, by sharing problems that cannot be solved by individual efforts alone through information exchange tools such as bulletin boards and chats, you can get clues to solve problems and get collaborators to help you solve them.

Easy to evaluate training

Self-analysis is an essential part of learning and growth. However, evaluating one's own learning requires a certain amount of preparation and procedures, which makes it difficult to continue, and often leads to failure in the midst of one's aspirations.

However, with an e-learning system that can record learning history, learning results and progress can be displayed in visualized form, such as graphs and numerical values, greatly reducing the burden of self-evaluation of learning content.

For more information on the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning and the usage scenarios of learningBOX, please refer to this article.



In this article, we introduced how to proceed with corporate training using our e-learning system, learningBOX, and its functions.
We hope that you will consider our learningBOX for your company's educational reform, such as corporate training and new employee training, referring to this article.

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, it has become difficult to conduct group training.
However, in order for a company to continue to grow, it is important to create a system that supports the learning of each employee and fosters an attitude and organizational culture that flexibly responds to change and challenges.

If you're having trouble implementing e-learning, please don't hesitate to contact us!
We're also accepting online meetings for implementation support!

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