The number one education trend right now! Microlearning is changing human resource education

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The number one education trend right now! Microlearning is changing human resource education

I'm Kidaoka, in charge of marketing!

If you are in charge of human resources and education in your company, please contactMicrolearning.Have you ever heard of a learning style called
Microlearning is aIt's an effective learning method for human resource development and internal training!

Microlearning is a learning method that allows students to learn in their spare time and is suitable for internal training, lifelong learning, and other activities that help companies develop the human resources they need for long-term growth.

The new coronavirus has made it difficult for companies to conduct traditional group training.
In the wake of the Corona disaster, a variety of problems and issues related to in-house training were brought to light, such as the introduction of e-learning and remote work in a hurry to respond to the Corona disaster, and leaving all new employee training to the learners' own learning.
In order to overcome these challenges, companies are always looking for new ways to train their employees.

In this article, we will introduce the background behind the focus on microlearning and the advantages and disadvantages of introducing it.
I hope you enjoy this article as much as I do.


  • 1. Microlearning, the current focus of educators
  • 2. Advantages and disadvantages of microlearning
  • 3. Educational reform using microlearning
  • 4. Summary


Microlearning is the focus of educators today

What is microlearning?

What is microlearning?A learning style in which knowledge and skills are acquired through short, small-volume learning programsThis refers to the
The teacher provides learners with segmented materials such as videos and web contents that take 1 to 5 minutes to complete, and learners can access them whenever they want and study on their own.

The traditional learning style is usually 30 minutes to an hour or more of learning volume, and you have to sit down at home on your computer for a large amount of time.

In comparison, microlearning is generally completed in a short period of time (1-10 minutes).
Therefore, you can study at your own convenience and in your spare time, such as during your commute to and from work or school, or while doing housework.

The word "micro" means "small" and indicates that learning can be done in one short unit of time compared to traditional e-learning.
There is no clear definition, although it is said that each study should last from 1 to 5 minutes, and up to 10 minutes at most.

Why is microlearning getting so much attention?

Microlearning - Featured

The reason why microlearning is attracting attention has a lot to do with the diversification of work styles and the spread of the Internet and smartphones.
With the development of IT technology, many people, especially those born after the 1980s, are more familiar with mobile devices than PCs.
In the past, in-house training and new employee training were generally conducted in a group training session at a single location.

Even in companies that have introduced e-learning, in some cases, learning is only possible on a computer, and each video material is made in a long time, so employees needed to make sure they had enough time in front of the computer for learning.

Microlearning is familiar with PCs and smartphones.millennial generationis said to be the easiest learning style to tackle.
The main reason why microlearning is attracting attention is that it is an "easy, low-impact, and easy-to-continue" learning style that fits the lifestyle of modern people.

It is a learning style that can become a future educational trend that is becoming more and more important in today's busy world.

Millennials are a generation born in 1981 or later and who came of age in 2000 or later, and have been exposed to digital technologies such as PCs, the Internet, SNS, and smartphones since they can remember.

Advantages and disadvantages of microlearning

Microlearning - advantages and disadvantages

▼ Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of microlearning.

Microlearning is"It allows us to make better use of our spare time, reduce the cost of creating learning content, and make learning more effective.and there are many advantages.
While it is said to be beneficial to both the person who wants to learn (the company) and the person who wants to learn (the employee), there are some contents that are incompatible and unsuitable for a curriculum that requires long hours of learning.

Benefits of Microlearning

One of the major advantages of microlearning is the flexibility of where and when to learn, and the high learning effectiveness.
Since the amount of time spent studying each material is short, the hurdle to continuing learning is low, and we can expect to make learning a habit through continuity.

1. Study in your spare time

It consists of short contents, so you can study in your spare time such as during commute or break time.
If you are learning on a smartphone or tablet, you can download the content beforehand and there is no need to communicate during learning.
You can also learn on your computer during breaks at work, and on your mobile device while traveling or at home.

2. Less burden on the learner

Microlearning is quicker, so less work for the learner!
Because you can work on it without spending a lot of time or effort, it's far more effective at keeping you going!
▼ You can read more about the benefits of microlearning in this article.


Disadvantages of Microlearning

Microlearning is not suitable for learning complex knowledge or interpersonal skills.
Microlearning's strengths are limited to the acquisition of simple knowledge.

Cases where examples such as specific outlines or theories are carefully explained are difficult to handle with a microlearning style.
However, effective learning can be expected when microlearning is used to study small themes included in larger themes, organize key points, and conduct confirmation tests.

To implement microlearning, there is a cost to prepare the system.
This is not the end of the process. There are costs associated with managing the system, updating teaching materials, and other operational costs.

Educational reform using microlearning

E-learning - Microlearning

Microlearning is not only effective for learning, but it also makes learning a habit.
Microlearning can be used in a variety of situations for easy learning.

Let's see how microlearning is used

Here are some of the situations where microlearning can be used.

1. Use for in-house training of new employees

New employees need to learn many things as soon as they join the company.
You need to acquire a lot of knowledge before you go out to work, such as basic business manners, industry knowledge, and knowledge related to the work you are assigned to.

By learning elementary businessman skills such as how to greet people and how to exchange business cards in detail through micro-learning, specific knowledge and images can be easily established, making it possible to quickly become competitive.

By using videos to provide this type of education, employees can more easily visualize their work in concrete terms and retain their knowledge, making it easier for subsequent instruction and training to proceed smoothly.
In addition, if you produce teaching materials in advance and encourage independent learning through microlearning, you can reduce the cost of education and training.

2. Confirmation of the main points in preparation for the qualification examination

Students need to remember the knowledge to pass the exam in order to pass the certification exam.
In order to improve your score in a limited time, it is very important to do "preparation and review" outside of class time.
The shortest way to get results in the certification exam is to study frequently in short units like microlearning, rather than slogging through learning that cannot be continued.

learningBOX is a learning management system that works well with microlearning

Our e-learning system (learningBOX) can be used by anyone from individuals to companies to start using e-learning for free.
All you need is a computer and an internet connection. All you need is a computer and an internet connection, and you're ready to start microlearning the day you register.
The learningBOX allows you to divide the learning content into short units for each material.

E-learning - easy

learningBOX features an e-learning system that is easy to use, even for first-time users.

No computer knowledge required! Even if you are not familiar with the system, you can easily learn how to set it up by touching it.
It's a very simple design.
eLearning Learning_Free

About the features of ▼learningBOX
There are more than 13 types of questions in the web test and quiz creation function.
Easily create tests and exercises to check the effectiveness of training.
There is no need for printing or preparation of the training site because the teaching materials can be easily distributed on the Web.
We can create tests for all kinds of industries and fields.
You can also sell your own educational materials in e-learning format.

You can read more about internal training and preparation for certification exams using learningBOX here.

⇒For more information on how to useUse Case.


In this article, we have introduced the background of microlearning and its advantages and disadvantages that have attracted attention.

It is expected that learning methods that allow students to "learn spontaneously at any time they want" will continue to grow.
When a company implements microlearning, it is expected to enhance the knowledge and skills of its employees in an efficient manner.

The learningBOX is available for an unlimited period of time! Free Plan to learn more about our system.
If you have up to 10 users including the administrator, you can use almost all functions for free, except for the paid optional functions.
Please take this opportunity to use our learningBOX.

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