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Notice of change of paid option [Design Customize] service *For those considering new introduction

Thank you for using learningBOX. Starting with the next major version upgrade (March 22, 2023), the service content of the paid option "Design Customization" will be changed. We would like to explain the details. Changes to the design customization service The changes are as follows (1) The name of the service will be changed to "Customize". (2) Customize" can be operated by the customer himself/herself. The functionality has been expanded to allow customers to customize the top page and side menu themselves, making the operation intuitive even for those who do not have expertise in design. (3) Customization can be requested from our design team. If you would like us to do the initial setup for you, we will accept your design request for a fee. Outline of Customization In addition to the standard license, the following fees are required to use the service. There is no change in the price from the "Old: Design Customization". Customization on shared servers First year fee (annual contract) 220,000 yen (tax included) Next year's fee (annual contract) 66,000 yen (tax included) Terms of Use Starter Plan, Starter Plus Plan, Standard Plan, Standard Plus Plan, and Premium Plan users What is included in the cost Shared learning environment server Customization API integration (*inquiry required) Delivery time For customization only: same day For customization + design request: about 1 month or more *If you sign up for a dedicated server, the cost of customization is included in the server fee.       About design requests If you wish to have us do the initial setup, we can accept design requests for a fee. The following fees are required in addition to customization. Template A Template B,C Cost of design request 110,000 yen (including tax) 220,000 yen (including tax) Three types of templates are available. Template A: A simple design that automatically takes you to the login page when you access the top page. Template B: The introduction about your e-learning site is displayed on the top page. It is also recommended for commercial use. Template C: A design that includes an explanation of how to use the site for learners, for use in educational institutions and in-house training programs. Please check the template designs below. See a demo of Template A See a demo of Template B View a demo of Template C Points to note when using the templates       Design templates are updated and changed without notice. In such cases, the updated contents will not be automatically applied to the design edited by the customer. Please be aware of this.       We do not provide recovery of data that has been edited or deleted by the customer. When editing a design, please be sure to save a backup before editing.       If you wish to correct any problems with the design you have created or edited, please do so on your own. You can return to the default settings by selecting the template again. Please note that edited content will be discarded.       Depending on the scope and content of the customization, basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript may be required. Please note that we do not provide technical support on how to write these.       In principle, we perform server maintenance for version upgrades four times a year. We will not be able to correct any design defects that may occur as a result of these version upgrades.
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[December 20, 2022] Updates to our Terms of Service

December 20, 2022 Dear Customer Notice of Revision of LearningBOX Terms of Use Thank you for using learningBOX. The following revisions have been made to the learningBOX Terms of Use. We apologize for any inconvenience caused before and after the revision date, and appreciate your understanding. The following is a summary of the changes 1 Date of revision and effective date: Wednesday, January 25, 2023 2 Revised Terms: learningBOX Terms of Service 3 Major Changes: LearningBOX Terms of Use Article 4.3 added that screen design and its warranty are not covered by the service. In Article 12, deleted the description of initial delivery for customization options (formerly "design customization"). Article 13.6, Scope of Our Responsibility, added that our responsibility for design is not included in the scope of our responsibility. Please click here for details (this link will be closed after the effective date). 4 Notes For users of the Free Plan (free plan), please note that users (registered members) will not be able to log in if the owner-manager does not agree to the new terms after the effective date. For those who have signed up for a paid plan, the service can be used as usual regardless of the classification of the owner-manager or users (registered members). If you have any questions regarding the revised terms and conditions, please contact us at the following e-mail address: (*We are operating on a reduced scale of support in order to prevent new coronavirus infection. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.)

LearningBOX ON now offers collaborative content with, Inc.

New contents are now available for "learningBOX ON," a service that allows you to add essential corporate training contents to your learningBOX! The new content is a collaboration with "BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE: Learn compliance through drama" by, Inc. and is designed to help students empathize with the content and keep them engaged throughout the course. ≫ For more information on BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE × learningBOX, click here. We would like to introduce some of the contents of the program, so if you are in charge of human resources or training, please check it out. Notice We have started to provide e-learning contents on compliance in cooperation with, Inc. BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE", a video content provided by "BUSINESS LAWYERS", the largest portal site for corporate legal affairs in Japan operated by Inc. Compliance" is now available on learningBOX ON to support e-learning and in-house production of in-house training programs. Back to Table of Contents What is BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE? BUSINESS LAWYERS" is one of Japan's largest corporate law portal sites with approximately 690,000 monthly visitors. The latest legal amendments and judicial precedents are explained by 939 experienced corporate lawyers and attorneys. One of the contents is "BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE: Learn Compliance through Drama," in which compliance issues that arise in the field of business are presented through dramas under the supervision of lawyers. The program is designed to provide a "fun" experience that has not been available in conventional training programs, while also focusing on the key training points, allowing compliance training to be conducted as if watching a drama. Back to Table of Contents Contents Here are some of the free contents of "Drama to Learn Compliance". All of the content in "Drama to Learn Compliance" is supervised by attorneys and includes commentary based on the legal system and the views of ministries and agencies. From basic knowledge of compliance to contents on fraudulent accounting, whistle-blowing, copyrights, and contracts, the dramas expand on compliance issues that are "a thing" in actual business operations. Each video is compact and condensed in its key points, and can be taken at any place and at any time, according to the timing of the individual, even during a gap in time. In addition to compliance, the videos also include content on information security and harassment, enabling the speedy creation of reliable training materials. What is Compliance|Is your company in danger if you are not honest? Compliance in the New Era The drama on the basics of compliance is carefully explained, including the types of laws that must be observed. Management and Harassment|Do Not Cross! Boundary line between cautionary guidance and harassment The drama about managers and harassment revolves around the difference between cautionary guidance and harassment, with "one thing" that tends to happen in the company. Information Security|Beware of "spam mail," which can steal important information with a single click. In the drama on information security, you can learn what you should pay attention to in an easy-to-understand manner, including recent spam mail tactics. Back to Table of Contents How to Use Any user registered on learningBOX can view the free training content on learningBOX ON. Through this collaboration, users will be able to further utilize the free and paid contents of BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE to build an efficient training program suited to their needs. Here we introduce how to use BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE x learningBOX. If you are already using learningBOX (1) Log in to learningBOX ②Go to "Contents Management (3) Press the "+" icon for content management (4) Select "learningBOX ON" > "BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE" > "Free Trial Course" in the menu. (5) "BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE" will be added to the course list. New Registration If you have not yet registered with learningBOX, you can use almost all functions (excluding paid options) for free and indefinitely for up to 10 people, so please give it a try. ≫ Click here to register for free. If you are a new registrant, "BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE" is already registered in the course list when you log in, so you can use it immediately. BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE also offers paid content, please click here for details. Back to Table of Contents SUMMARY We introduced the new content of learningBOX ON, BUSINESS LAWYERS COMPLIANCE, which can be viewed on any device (PC, tablet, smart phone) and is recommended for companies that want to conduct compliance training from home. We also recommend this service for companies that want to conduct compliance training from home. We also recommend this service for companies that wish to conduct compliance training from home. We also recommend this! I also want to read Back to Table of Contents

Notification of Change in Recommended Environment

Thank you for using our services. We will discontinue support for the following OS/browsers after the major version upgrade to Ver. 2.20 scheduled on December 14, 2022 (Wed.). Please see below for details. ■Out of supported OS: Android8, macOS11, iOS/iPadOS14 Supported browsers: iOS/Chrome Please note the following information after the support ends. If you use an environment other than the recommended environment, our service may not operate properly. We therefore ask that you use our recommended environment. Please check the recommended environment for learningBOX Ver2.20 here. Please also note the following After the end of support, you will not be able to configure the OS/browser settings in the settings of the devices that can be used for logging in. The OS/browser setting will determine whether login is possible or not according to the device setting. If you have registered the combination of iOS and Chrome in the settings for devices that can log in, the settings will be automatically disabled after the version is upgraded. Please consider changing the settings in advance or reviewing the settings of the login-enabled devices if necessary. For details on how to change the settings, please refer to the Login Enabled Device Settings. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation so that you can continue to use our service with peace of mind after the update.

Important: If you have registered a non-existent e-mail address, you will not be able to use the e-mail function on learningBOX.

Thank you for your continued use of learningBOX. We would like to make an important announcement regarding the email function on learningBOX. Emergency suspension of the email sending function This is a notice regarding the notification e-mails sent from the email function on leaningBOX. Is the email address registered in user management a valid email address? If the email address or host name does not exist or is incorrect, it will be returned as a bounce. If we receive 100 bounced e-mails per day, we will immediately stop sending e-mails in your environment. Once the cleanup (processing of bounced emails) is complete, we will set up the email function so that you can use it again. Clean-up procedure (please change to a valid e-mail address) Download all users in CSV format from the user management screen. 2. Send a specific email to the email address included in the above CSV in BCC on your email software (Gmail, outlook, etc.). Send a specific email notification to the user. The email function of the learningBOX cannot be used to confirm the recipient. 3. List the email addresses received in the inbox as unknown recipients. 4. Check the corresponding e-mail address in the user management of the learningBOX. 5. For addresses that do not exist, please consider one of the following three measures. (1) Change to a valid address (2) Deactivate the account Delete the account. We recommend that you check to make sure that the e-mail address registered in your user management is a valid one, and that you examine it carefully on a regular basis. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

Important] Notice of API (Push Notification Function) Specification Changes

Thank you for using learningBOX. LearningBOX will change the API specifications starting with the Ver. 2.19 release. This announcement is for customers who use API integration. Changes to the API Before change After change Depending on the implementation method, communication may fail Hard coding may be judged as invalid notification How to check the validity of PUSH notifications No. 1: Obtain the contents of the transmission. No. 2: Remove the parameter "hash" from the transmitted content and temporarily save it. No.3: Add "secret" to the back of the sent content without changing the order of the parameters. Part 4: After concatenating the parameter values of the sent content with "|", retrieve the hash value using sha256. No.5: Check if the hash value is consistent with the hash value obtained from the transmitted contents. Sample code for PUSH notification validity check /** * PUSH notification validity check * Sample notification content: * ------------------------------------------------ * { * 'param2': 'bbb',. * 'param3': 'ccc',. * 'hash': 'ae12de' * } * ------------------------------------------------ * * Parameters other than hash may be reordered or increased or decreased. */ Example of normal operation $payload = file_get_contents('php://input'); // Get notification contents $payload = json_decode($payload, true); // Array the notification contents $hash = $payload['hash']; // get hash value for verification unset($payload['hash']); // remove hash value for verification from sent content $payload = $payload + ['secret' => 'tatsuno123']; // add the secret key of the recipient after the notification content if($hash === hash('sha256', implode('|', $payload))) { // successful authentication of sent content } else { // content authentication failure } Example of failure $payload = file_get_contents('php://input'); // get notification contents $payload = json_decode($payload, true); // Array the notification content $hash = $payload['hash']; // Get hash value for verification $param1 = $payload['param1']; // get parameter 1 for verification $param2 = $payload['param2']; // get parameter 2 for verification $param3 = $payload['param3']; // get parameter 3 for verification $secret = 'tatsuno123'; // secret key for notification if($hash === hash('sha256', $param1 . '|' . $param2 . '|' . $param3 . '|' . $secret)) { // Successful authentication of sent content // Authentication may not pass if there is a change in the notification content. } else { // authentication of sent content failed } We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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Notice Concerning Security Enhancements Thank you for using learningBOX. LearningBOX will introduce WAF (Web Application Firewall) in the shared environment starting with the Ver2.19 release as part of our security enhancement efforts. In this announcement, we have summarized the concerns that have been raised after the introduction of the WAF. Reasons for Introducing WAF In recent years, cyber attack methods have become more sophisticated, and the time between the discovery of a vulnerability and an attack has become shorter. In order to protect our customers' personal information and services from increasingly sophisticated cyber-attack threats, learningBOX has decided to implement WAF. What is WAF? WAF is a security tool to protect websites by detecting and preventing attacks that exploit web application vulnerabilities. It protects services from attacks by blocking malicious requests before they reach the server. How WAF Works WAF intervenes in the communication between the access source and the web server and uses "signatures" to detect attacks and prevent unauthorized access. When WAF detects an attack, it intercepts the communication and logs it, while at the same time sending a warning message to the access source on behalf of the web server. At the same time, it returns a warning message to the access source on behalf of the Web server. A typical firewall does not check the content of the communication or how it is communicated. Communications that pass through the system's port of entry will reach the web application, even if the content is unauthorized. IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) use signatures to detect unauthorized access, similar to WAF, but their accuracy in detecting unauthorized access to web applications is low and they cannot provide sufficient security measures. In shared environments, WAF will be introduced from learningBOX [Ver. 2.19]. With the introduction of WAF, there is a possibility that the global IP address you are using will be determined to be blocked. Countermeasures when 403Forbidden is displayed If the message "403 Forbidden" is displayed on your browser, please wait a while and try accessing the site again. If you are accessing the site via a VPN or other means, accessing the site without a VPN may improve the situation.
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