Collaboration content with KaWaL eLearning, a company specializing in business skills, is now available on learningBOX ON!

Collaboration Content with KaWaL eLearning, Specializing in Business Skills, Now Available on learningBOX ON! LearningBOX ON, a service that allows users to add training content to learningBOX, an e-learning creation and management system, now offers long-awaited new content! The new content is a collaboration with KaWaL eLearning by Change Inc. The content is fun to learn and can be used immediately at work, and we would like to introduce some of it here. If you are in charge of human resources or training, please check it out. Notice KaWaL and learningBOX Collaboration Dialogue - In-Depth Explanation of Current Topics by Professionals - 【0th】 KaWaL and learningBOX Collaboration Dialogue We have collaborated with Change Corporation to provide a new service in e-learning materials. KaWaL eLearning, a subscription-based e-learning service specializing in business skills provided by Change, is now available on learningBOX ON! Please try out the curriculum specialized in business skills, based on our experience in training more than 1 million young people, including new employees at major companies. What is KaWaL eLearning? Change's KaWaL eLearning is a subscription e-learning service that provides only carefully selected courses in basic business skills, based on the concept of "from 'understanding' to 'learning'". KaWaL eLearning is a subscription-based e-learning service that enables users to learn the business skills and knowledge they need in a short period of time. Based on the concept that "people learn by tackling challenges," the collaborative content is not a one-size-fits-all learning style, but rather a learning style that incorporates mechanisms that allow participants to create and repeat deliverables. Introduction to Content Here we introduce some of the free content of KaWaL eLearning. Special attention has been paid to the "video presentation" so that even those of a generation accustomed to watching videos can enjoy watching them to the end. The videos are designed to be sympathetic and dramatic, to put the viewer in the world of picture books, to have comedians appear in the videos, to make them look like quiz shows, etc. All the content is presented in a way that suits each learning element. All content is characterized by a "problem-oriented" style, with worksheets provided for immediate practice after watching the videos, and output to maximize the learning effect. Any user registered with learningBOX can view the free training content on learningBOX ON. Through this collaboration, users will be able to further utilize the free and paid content of KaWaL eLearning to build an efficient training program suited to their needs. Business Communication Limited Publication URL: [KaWaL] Business Communication "Listening This is a careful explanation of the three necessary attitudes of a member of society. The concepts of "purposefulness" for proactive work, "cost consciousness" for efficient work, and "partner consciousness" for smooth sharing and collaboration are introduced in an easy-to-understand, drama-style format. The contents are not only for new employees, but also for all workers, so please take a look. Remote Work Manners Limited URL: [KaWaL] Remote Work Manners Manners exist even in remote work, which has been increasing in recent years. It is important to know the minimum etiquette so that you can work comfortably. The quiz format allows you to learn while having fun, and it would be good for multiple people to work on the task. Please take a look at the other recommended videos on this site. ⇒Other collaboration videos are being updated one after another! How to use KaWaL × learningBOX Here is how to use KaWaL × learningBOX. If you are already using learningBOX (1) Log in to learningBOX Go to "Contents Management Press the "+" icon for content management. (4) Select "learningBOX ON" > "KaWaL eLearning" > "Free Trial Course" in the menu. KaWaL eLearning" will be added to the list of (5) courses. New registrations If you have not yet registered with learningBOX, you can use almost all functions (excluding paid options) for free and indefinitely for up to 10 people. ⇒Click here to register for free. If you are a new registrant, please log in and "KaWaL eLearning" will be preregistered in the course list for immediate use. Paid content is also available for KaWaL eLearning, please click here for details. Summary We have introduced the new learningBOX ON content, KaWaL eLearning, which is fun to learn and use at work. Based on our experience in training more than 1 million young people, we asked ourselves, "How can we get people to watch the videos all the way through? What are the important learning elements for behavior change? We hope you will take note of our careful explanation of what the keywords for learning are and why they are necessary. We hope you will take advantage of the possibility of creating your own original courses by combining KaWaL eLearning content with your own content.    

learningBOX upgraded to Ver. 2.18

About this Version Upgrade Thank you for your continued use of learningBOX. Today, learningBOX has been upgraded from Ver. 2.17 to Ver. 2.18. In this article, we will provide details about Ver. 2.18.18 (released on July 6, 2022), to which various new features have been added. ▼ LearningBOX Ver2.18 New Feature List Item NameNew Functions/Functional Improvements Selecting a courseCourse navigation Content Management PowerPoint Teaching Materials Expansion of gradebook functionality Quiz and Test Interruption Data Detection Content Advance Explanation Management Redirect function to content Elimination of "Submitted Reports List" and "Report Grading Management" screens Grade Grading and Analysis Exemption Designation Management Expansion of grade management functions User ManagementUser Integration Management Content management viewing privileges Add/Cancel Group Affiliation via CSV Expanded functions for registration field settings Design CustomizationLimited FunctionalityAuthentication Code Settings (per registration URL) Contract StatusAutomatic Continuation of Paid Plan Contracts EC function training function In this version upgrade, the appearance and functionality of the two screens have been significantly revamped. Specifically, "My Page" has been changed to "Dashboard" and "Learning" has been changed to "Course Selection". In addition, contract-related functions have been expanded, such as the addition of a paid option for importing PowerPoint materials and automatic continuation of paid plan subscriptions. Course Navigation The content study screen now displays a list of other content within the same course. This allows you to view the entire course from the study screen without having to go all the way back to the "Choose Course" screen. PowerPoint materials PowerPoint teaching materials can now be uploaded directly to learningBOX. Please note that you will need to subscribe to the "Import PowerPoint materials" option for a fee. Expansion of Gradebook Functionality The gradebook function always reflects the latest grade results and can be viewed by the administrator. Detection of interrupted data in quizzes and tests A new feature has been added to detect interrupted data when editing quizzes and tests and notify the editor. Content Advance Description Management Before a user clicks on a piece of content on the learning screen to start learning, this feature can be used to announce explanations and notes about the content. Content redirection When using SCORM materials, users can be redirected to any content. Elimination of "List of Submitted Reports" and "Report Grading Management" screens The "List of Submitted Reports" and "Report Grading Management" screens will be discontinued in Ver. 2.18 and later. Exemption Designation Management When there are users who need to study a particular course or content, and users who do not need to study the course or content, each user can be exempted from learning the content. Note that users will still be able to study the content even if they are exempted. Expansion of grade management functionality The "By Question" tab has been renamed "By Course Materials" and a search function has been added. In addition, grade data by material can now be narrowed down and extracted by period, group, and other criteria. In addition, a report download function and a grade analysis function have been newly added. Integrated User Management Users can consolidate grades, badge acquisition, and login information for two different accounts (inactive and active accounts). Content Management View Permissions A new permission has been added to the content management permissions. The Browse permission does not allow users to edit content, but only to view what content is available. CSV group affiliation addition/deletion When registering users in a CSV batch, the "Add Group Affiliation" and "Remove Group Affiliation" items can be set. Expansion of Registration Field Settings In the "Registration Field Settings," login IDs can now be hidden. This setting will prevent the login ID from being displayed on the user's profile modification screen. Authentication code setting (for each registered URL) Individual authentication codes can be set for each URL. Automatic continuation of paid plan subscriptions Paid plans can now be automatically renewed. By setting up auto-renewal, you no longer need to apply for renewal each time. Training function The training function allows training sessions to be set up by date and time. Users can search for and reserve a training session of their choice, and the owner can approve or disapprove the reservation request. Miscellaneous Please contact our CS sales team for more details. Inquiry Form We will continue to listen to our customers' voices and improve our functions to make your use of our products even more comfortable. Thank you for your continued support of LearningBOX/QuizGenerator.

Notice of Change of Company Name

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued patronage. We have decided to change our company name in order to make our brand name more widely known. As we have announced for some time, "Tatsuno Information System Co. As we have been informing you, "Tatsuno Information System Co. All of us at LearningBOX will continue to make every effort to provide services that satisfy our customers. ■Date of company name change: July 1, 2022 (Friday) *The address, telephone number, fax number, and website URL will remain unchanged. 1. new company name   learningBOX Corporation 2. Handling of contracts and various documents   The change of company name is a change of corporate name only, and the corporation is the same.   Please replace the old company name on the following documents with the new company name.   Contracts, memorandums of understanding, and other contract-related documents signed under the old company name by June 30, 2022   Various documents (purchase orders, delivery slips, invoices, quotations, specifications, etc.) used in transactions before June 30, 2022 3. change of bank account name   The name of the bank account will be changed in accordance with the change of the company name.   Due to the procedural reasons, the name change is expected to be completed around the end of July. Please understand this in advance.   There will be no change in the name of the bank and account number.
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Advance Notice] Specification Changes Related to the release of learningBOX 2.18

Advance Notice] Specification Changes Related to the release of learningBOX 2.18 Thank you for your continued patronage of our services. We are planning to change the specifications of some functions in the release of learningBOX Ver. 2.18 scheduled for July 2022. This announcement is a preliminary notification regarding the specification changes of important items. Abolition of learning First of all, the learning screen will undergo a major change. A new learning function, "Course Function," will become standard, replacing the previous "Learn" function. Points to note after the major version upgrade Folders located directly under documents in Content Management (TOP screen) will be automatically converted to courses. (*When batch conversion of courses is not performed) ▼ Notes The "Heading (Title)" and "Clear Condition (Limit Bar)" on the TOP screen will be deleted. All contents on the TOP screen will be moved to a new course called "Document Course. All shortcut folders on the TOP screen will be moved to a new course called "Document Course" along with the folder from which the shortcut originated. Specification Change in Page Setup Immediately After Logging In Please note that the page transition destination will be automatically changed to "Select Course" from Ver. 2.18 onward when the page to be displayed is set to "Learn" in the "Page Setup Immediately After Logging In". Abolition of "My Page Next, My Page will also undergo a major change. In place of the traditional "My Page," a "Dashboard" will become the standard. By replacing "My Page" with a "Dashboard," it is expected that users will be more aware of their learning status, such as learning time, courses they are studying, and number of badges they have earned. Expansion of Ordering Screen Functions Finally, the order screen will also be enhanced. First, paid plan subscriptions will be able to be automatically renewed. This eliminates the need for customers to apply for renewal each time their subscription expires. In addition, subscriptions will be added as a payment method, allowing customers to purchase plans and options on a subscription basis.
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