learningBOX upgraded to Ver. 2.23

Thank you for using learningBOX. Today, learningBOX has been upgraded from Ver. 2.22 to Ver. 2.23. Let us introduce you to the various new features. Recommended New Features AI Assist AI can be used to automatically create quizzes/tests, memorization cards, and analyze reports. We will explain each of these features in detail. 1. automatic quiz/test generation Quizzes and tests can be generated automatically using AI. This makes it easy to add quizzes, and significantly reduces the man-hours and time required to think of quiz drafts. ➡For more information, please refer to "AI Assist - Quiz and Test". 2. automatic generation of memorization cards Using AI, memorization cards can be generated automatically. This allows the creation of keywords and contents to be memorized on memory cards without requiring a lot of time and man-hours for the creator. ➡For details, please refer to "AI Assist - Memorization Cards". 3. automatic analysis of reports An AI-based report analysis function is available. This reduces the man-hours required for scoring on the administrator's side. ➡For details, please refer to "AI Report Analysis". For a list of the new functions added this time, please download and check below. Other For further information or questions, please contact Inquiry Form We will continue to listen to our customers and improve the functionality of the site to make it even more user-friendly. We look forward to your continued support of LearningBOX/QuizGenerator.
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Free Seminar] Archived Seminars for Local Public Officials

On Thursday, June 15, 2023, learningBOX, Inc. and three other companies co-hosted a free seminar for local government officials, "The Necessity of Human Resource Management for the Future of Local Government Employees: Finding Solutions to the Challenges of Declining Staff Numbers. The seminar was held in collaboration with three other companies. The seminar featured a lecture by Mr. Hiroshi Sasaki, former Director of the Civil Service Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, on the importance of human resource management in a society with a declining population and increasing burden on employees. Archived videos are also available for viewing, so please take this opportunity to view them if you are interested. (Archived videos are also available to non-government employees.) *Archived videos are subject to end without notice. Click here to sign up for archived streaming. If you would like to receive archived videos, please fill out the application form below. Application Form (You will be redirected to the website of CAPLAN Corporation) Seminar Outline 1 Date and Time: June 15, 2023 (Thursday), 13:30-15:30 *This seminar has been closed. Please use the archived streaming. 2 ContentsNecessity of Human Resource Management for the Future of Local Government Officials: Finding Solutions to the Challenges of Declining Staff Numbers 1 Keynote Speech: "Future Population Decline in 2040 and Future Image of Local Government Officials" by Hiroshi Sasaki, former Director General of Civil Service Department, Local Administration Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications 2 Seminar: "Human Resource Management for Future Staff Shortage Seminar: "Human Resource Management Solutions to Address Future Staff Shortages" by Yoshikazu Hirama, Executive Officer, General Manager of Talent Management Division, CAPLAN Corporation 3. Masashi Takemoto, General Manager, Public Dotank, Public Division, Pasona Inc. 3 Participation fee Free of charge 4 Co-sponsors This seminar is co-sponsored by the following four companies.  (in no particular order, titles omitted) ・PASONA CORPORATION ・CAPLAN Corporation ・Cao Navi Corporation ・learningBOX Co. Speakers】 Hiroshi Sasaki was born in 1961 in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. Graduated from Fukuyama High School affiliated with Hiroshima University and the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law. 1985 joined the former Ministry of Home Affairs. He served as Director of the Welfare Division, Vice Governor of Kagoshima Prefecture, Director of the Civil Service Department, Deputy Director-General for Regional Power Creation, Minister's Secretariat of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and President of the University of Local Autonomy, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. He has a wide range of knowledge on issues related to the local civil service system and the decline in the number of employees, including a contribution in "To Future Local Government Officials in Charge of the Local Government Official System" in the Local Autonomy Essay Collection commemorating the 70th anniversary of the enactment of the Local Autonomy Law.

Collaborative content with KaWaL Diagnostics, which enables visualization of young people's growth, is now available on learningBOX ON!

New contents have been added to "learningBOX ON," a service that allows users to add essential corporate training content to their learningBOX! The new content is an objective diagnostic tool for basic skills for working adults that enables visualization of the growth of young people, in collaboration with "KaWaL Diagnosis" (Kawar Diagnosis) by Change Co. ≫ Click here for more details about KaWaL Diagnostics × learningBOX. We would like to introduce some of the contents of this issue, so if you are in charge of human resources or employee development, please check it out. KaWaL Diagnostics x learningBOX KaWaL Diagnostics" is a questionnaire-type evaluation and analysis tool provided by Change that visualizes the abilities of young employees in comparative graphs and charts. By integrating "KaWaL Diagnosis" into learningBOX ON and building a platform that combines the services of both companies, we will strengthen our support for the training of young employees and other personnel in all types of companies and organizations. ≫ Click here for more details about KaWaL Diagnosis × learningBOX Back to Table of Contents What is "KaWaL Diagnostics?" KaWaL Diagnosis" is a questionnaire-type evaluation and analysis tool provided by Change. It diagnoses the "three abilities (action, thinking, and teamwork)" and "12 ability elements" of the "basic skills for working adults" advocated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, from the perspective of both the individual and the person in charge of training. Diagnostic results are compiled into comparative graphs and charts, making it possible to visualize the abilities of young people. Reference] Basic Skills for Working People (METI/Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) Evaluation and analysis tools that use specific behavioral standards (performance standards) as a scale minimize blurring caused by subjectivity and realize objective diagnosis. By conducting the diagnosis multiple times, such as after the employee has been offered a job, after joining the company, and at the end of the first year, strengths, weaknesses, growth issues, and differences in perception between the employee and the person in charge of training can be analyzed and used for the employee's "future personal development and career formation". Back to Table of Contents Some of the Functions Supervisor Evaluation KaWaL diagnoses are not only subjective, but also highly objective, as they are conducted from the perspective of the supervisor (person in charge of training). By having the supervisor evaluate the employee using the same items as the employee himself/herself, gaps in perception of abilities can be visualized and appropriate training can be provided. Comparison over time Since the results can be compared with those of past diagnoses, changes in ability can be visualized and used as material for training and human resource allocation. Not only individual but also organizational averages can be analyzed over time. By visualizing the growth process through multiple diagnoses, it is possible to regularly check whether the abilities that need to be developed are really being acquired, and to link this to the next action. Back to Table of Contents How to Use Any user registered on learningBOX can view the free training content on learningBOX ON. Through this collaboration, users will be able to further utilize the free and paid content of KaWaL Diagnostics to build an efficient training program suited to their needs. Here we introduce how to use KaWaL Diagnostics x learningBOX. For those who already use learningBOX (1) Log in to learningBOX ②Go to "Contents Management (3) Press the "+" icon for content management (4) Select "learningBOX ON" > "KaWaL Diagnosis" > "Free Trial Course" in the menu. (5) "KaWaL Diagnosis" will be added to the course list. New Registration If you have not yet registered with learningBOX, you can use almost all functions (excluding paid options) for free and indefinitely for up to 10 people, so please try it out. ≫ Click here to register for free. If you are a new registrant, "KaWaL Diagnostics" is already registered in the course list when you log in, so you can use it immediately. Paid content is also available for KaWaL diagnostics, see here for details. Back to Table of Contents SUMMARY We have introduced the new learningBOX ON content "KaWaL Diagnosis x learningBOX. We hope that you will utilize the combination of your own learning contents and KaWaL Diagnosis for the development of young employees. In addition, learningBOX ON also offers other content that can be used for free employee training, such as compliance training and information security training. You can easily design your own original learning courses by combining them with our in-house content, so please take advantage of this service for your employee training. We also recommend this page! Also read Back to Table of Contents
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Revision on June 14, 2023] Revision of learningBOX Terms of Use

May 17, 2023 Dear Customer Notice of Revision of LearningBOX Terms of Use Thank you for using learningBOX. The following revisions have been made to the learningBOX Terms of Use. We apologize for any inconvenience caused before and after the revision date, and appreciate your understanding. The following is a summary of the changes 1 Date of revision and effective date: Wednesday, June 14, 2023 2 Revised Terms: learningBOX Terms of Service 3 Main changes: The registration of users other than the owner in the use of learningBOX (hereinafter referred to as "members") and the notification and consent of the members regarding the handling of personal information by learningBOX Corporation. Registration of users other than Owners (hereinafter referred to as "Members") in the use of learningBOX, and the notification to and consent from Members regarding the handling of personal information by learningBOX Corporation. The change of the service suspension clause and the compliance clause. The Company added a liability provision regarding the use of machine translation by Google, and added Google's disclaimer. Please click here for details (this link will be closed after the effective date). 4 Notes For users of the Free Plan (free plan), please note that users (registered members) will not be able to log in if the owner-manager does not agree to the new terms and conditions after the effective date. For those who have signed up for a paid plan, the service can be used as usual regardless of the classification of the owner-manager or users (registered members). If you have any questions regarding the revised terms and conditions, please contact us at the following e-mail address.
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