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Notes on the Ver. 2.24 release

Thank you for your continued support of our services. learningBOX Ver. 2.24 is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, December 6, 2023, and with the Ver. 2.24 release, the stable/recent version of the generator of quiz and test materials will be automatically updated to "QUIZ -6.1.0" will be automatically updated. Please note the following two points in connection with this update Customization of Quiz and Test Materials *This information is for customers who have subscribed to QuizGenerator license. Customizations (CSS, Javascript, and system languages) currently applied to quiz/test may no longer be reflected. In order to continue applying your current customizations after the renewal, please implement the following settings in advance. ■Configuration Procedure 1) Open the contents management screen. (2) Click the gear icon in the upper left corner of the screen and select "Generator Version Management". (iii) Set the API name of QUIZ to "QUIZ-5.16.23". (4) Click "Save" at the bottom of the screen. *Note that we have been developing a simplified element specification for the customization part since "QUIZ-6.1.0" and later. This development is scheduled to be applied to future updates of the generator. With the updating of the generator, it may be necessary to reconfigure the customizations (CSS, Javascript) that have been set. Please be aware of this. Suspension and Resumption of Quiz and Test Materials This is for customers who are using the "Suspend/Resume" function for quiz/test materials, If you convert the generator to "QUIZ-5.xx.xx", you will not be able to resume from the point of interruption before the conversion. Please be careful when changing the generator. You can check the generator of each quiz/test material by following the procedure below. (1) Open the contents management screen. (2) Click on "Courses". (3) Right-click on the quiz/test material and move the cursor to "Information" at the bottom of the menu that appears. The following image is displayed, and you can check the information of the generator of the relevant teaching material.

learningBOX upgraded to Ver. 2.23

Thank you for using learningBOX. Today, learningBOX has been upgraded from Ver. 2.22 to Ver. 2.23. Let us introduce you to the various new features. Recommended New Features AI Assist AI can be used to automatically create quizzes/tests, memorization cards, and analyze reports. We will explain each of these features in detail. 1. automatic quiz/test generation Quizzes and tests can be generated automatically using AI. This makes it easy to add quizzes, and significantly reduces the man-hours and time required to think of quiz drafts. ➡For more information, please refer to "AI Assist - Quiz and Test". 2. automatic generation of memorization cards Using AI, memorization cards can be generated automatically. This allows the creation of keywords and contents to be memorized on memory cards without requiring a lot of time and man-hours for the creator. ➡For details, please refer to "AI Assist - Memorization Cards". 3. automatic analysis of reports An AI-based report analysis function is available. This reduces the man-hours required for scoring on the administrator's side. ➡For details, please refer to "AI Report Analysis". For a list of the new functions added this time, please download and check below. Other For further information or questions, please contact Inquiry Form We will continue to listen to our customers and improve the functionality of the site to make it even more user-friendly. We look forward to your continued support of LearningBOX/QuizGenerator.
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