Gamification and e-learning

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Gamification and e-learning

Dear blog readers, this is Tanimoto from Development, making my second appearance! 👟I'll get right to the point."Gamification.Have you heard of the "Mere Old Man"? To be honest, I've only heard of it. That's why I'm going to summarize gamification in this article!
After reading this article.You might think you know a little something about gamification!So together, let's take a look at gamification!

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  • 1 . What is gamification?
  • 2 . History and purpose of gamification
  • 3 . Gamification and e-learning
  • 4 . Conclusion

What is gamification?

According to "What is Gamification? -According to "Design History vs.

If I were to give a positive definition of the word, it would be "the addition of game-like elements to an already existing object". The word is often translated as "gamification," but that is almost certainly a mistranslation, since gamification is not the creation of games themselves. In other words, it is not an attempt to make industrial products or various daily activities themselves into "games," but rather to create games in them.
It's a movement to bring in elements of "the game."It is probably almost enough to understand the concept of gamification if it is interpreted as follows.
Quote.What is Gamification? -Comparison with Design History

In other words, it's about adding an extra element of gameplay to a service or product.
For example, the "point system" and "level-based rewards" in membership services are game-like elements.
So why do we need to embrace gamification?
Let's find out how gamification came to be and why you should embrace it!

History and purpose of gamification

It was around 2011 that gamification began to attract attention in the world, and the birth of this word is the result of a very old idea that was born with the new word "gamification".
According to "What is Gamification? -Comparison with the History of Design", as the prehistory of gamification.

It is an attempt to develop a method to encourage learners' "active participation" in learning. This attempt is very old, and the realization of the importance of learners' spontaneity in learning itself can be found even in the Analects of Confucius. (omission) The study of spontaneous learning behavior itself continues to be an extremely important issue in the fields of educational psychology, learning psychology, and gaming simulation research.
Quote.What is Gamification? -Comparison with Design History

The following is a summary of the results of the study.

In other words, as the prehistory of gamification, we can see that various disciplines continue to take approaches to encourage the spontaneous and active participation of learners.

I believe that motivation and self-efficacy are related to spontaneous learning and active participation, but the details are very long, so I would like to introduce them another time.

To briefly summarize the definition of gamification and the prehistory of gamification so far, the purpose of adopting gamification is to"To encourage users to participate voluntarily or actively by adding an extra game-like element to a service or product."I think it can be expressed as

Gamification and e-learning

Learning and gamification are a combination that has long been a focus of attention, as mentioned above, and the e-learning environment is no exception.
In fact, e-learning is a great way to put game-like elements on the screen, or to incorporate game-like mechanics!

The LMS of our service, thelearningBOXIf you'd like, there are elements of gamification in thesense of a gameYou can actually touch it at!

Here's the gamification factor in the learningBOX!

Only the image on the right now shows the badge!
This is one of the optional features when creating a question, by setting the "Mode" to "Complete Strategy Mode", it will appear when the conditions are met!

It's nice to see the results of your efforts take shape!
The purpose of gamification is that this will motivate you to learn more, which will lead to the next learning.

With our e-learning, you can even create game-style quizzes like this one!

Click on Start to actually solve the quiz.


Thank you for reading this far! I've only touched on the basics of gamification for those who don't know what it is.
So far, I think you may have understood gamification somewhat.

In addition to the badge function mentioned above, learningBOX has a variety of other functions, including the ability to check the learning status of learners!
learningBOXYou can use the freeFree PlanWe also have the following items, so please feel free to touch them!

LMS (Learning Management System), thelearningBOXOur company, which provides an e-learning environment in Japan, will also develop in the direction of incorporating more gamification, so please do not hesitate to contact us!

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