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Create online examinations and exams with learningBOX

Hello, this is Kidaoka🍎, our marketing manager. In this article, I'm going to introduce you to our e-learning learning management system,Here's how you can use learningBOX to take online examinations and exams.

learningBOX has been used in a wide range of industries and fields, and has all the features required for online examinations and tests.

If you are in charge of studying at home and are unable to conduct tests and exams at schools and cram schools, we can help you. Companies and associations that run examinations and certifications that are unable to hold scheduled examinations and qualifications due to the coronavirus. Our learning box may be the solution to your problems. We hope that you will consider using this paper as a reference.

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  • The learningBOX has all the functions required for exams and certifications.
  • 2. once you have created an online exam in learningBOX, we encourage you to conduct the CBT.
  • 3. the growing market for qualifications and examinations
  • 4. summary

The learningBOX has all the features you need for your examinations.

Online Certification - eLearning

learningBOX is an LMS (Learning Management System) developed through QuizGenerator, a quiz creation service. As an example of how we use our eLearning, we recommend using it not only for new recruits and internal training, but also for so-called "eLearning learning" functions such as human resource development and internal training, but we also recommend using it for the purpose of "online examinations and online tests". It has a full range of features.

Functional aspects of the learningBOX

Easy to create tests and examinations
⇒Even if you are not familiar with computer operation or IT knowledge, you can make problems easily.

A wide variety of questions
⇒You can choose from more than 12 question types such as multiple choice, multiple choice, short answer, sorting, and fill-in-the-blank questions to meet your needs.

You can also manage test takers.
⇒You can also check the progress of your study, such as who is making progress, when, and to what extent. Depending on the student's progress and performance, we can also send an email notification to the student individually.

Compatible with PC, smartphone and tablet
⇒You can take the test stress-free from any device connected to the Internet.

☑ further

The learningBOX is a
You can also set up questions with automatic audio, and questions with images, videos and YouTube videos.
The question generator can also be set to shuffle the questions to be solved by the examinee each time.
It is easy to set a time limit, score distribution, and not telling the test takers the answers to questions.
It is possible to limit the number of lessons.

For more information on how to use learningBOX, please click here.

You can try the actual quiz here

Online Learning - Exams

National Nursing Examination
Take our quiz!

civil service examination
Take our quiz!

drone test
Take our quiz!

Once you have created an online exam in learningBOX, we encourage you to conduct the CBT.

If you need a venue for computer-based testing, but cannot find one in-house, we recommend that you use a testing center that is compatible with CBT (Computer Based Testing).

Since learningBOX is affiliated with a company that provides CBT venues, we are able to offer examinations and promotion tests created by learningBOX to candidates to take at their own venue.

What is CBT?

CBT stands for Computer Based Testing. It refers to computer-based testing. By taking the test by computer instead of using question papers and mark sheets, CBT has the advantage of significantly reducing the time and cost of grading, grades and results. In addition, since the test is taken by computer, audio and video questions can also be used.

Features of CBT

You can take it when and where you want to! The CBT exam is more convenient than paper exams and you can get your results immediately after the exam. There is no need to worry about waiting for your results or time lag.
Questions and accreditation organizations
You can set the questions and answer method only available on the web! Questions that are difficult to answer with audio or video can be set up, which is difficult to achieve with paper-based exams. Results can be collected, judged and notified automatically, which saves you time and money on printing and distribution of materials compared to paper exams.

Covering all the test centers in the country
This is useful for companies with offices all over the country that need to conduct promotion exams or examinations at venues such as those where there are candidates all over the country.

A full-time staff member will be in charge of the venue's facilities.

All the venues are staffed by dedicated staff and equipped with the online exam administration environment and equipment.
A full-time staff member will be in charge of verifying the identity of the examinee, explaining the test in advance, distributing materials and supporting the operation of the equipment.
I will be in charge of users from the reception to the end of their stay and will provide support and help in case of any problems.
We have a reception desk, waiting room, lockers, computers (tablets), desks, chairs, and interview equipment (cameras, headsets, lights).

The ever-expanding market for qualifications and examinations

Online Learning - Transition

* There areReseMom.Biz (Education Industry Market, 2,679.4 billion in expand the market)than

The article here shows that the demand for education services is growing and that the qualifications and examinations market is one of nine of the 15 major sectors of the overall education industry market that have increased in size compared to the previous year, with the qualifications and examinations market being one of the nine sectors that have increased in size compared to the previous year.

In today's world of high job mobility, qualifications that can objectively demonstrate one's knowledge level are an important weapon in helping people find a job or get a job. It seems that companies are increasingly making qualifications a condition for employment and treatment.


In this article, we introduced how to use our e-learning learning management system, learningBOX, for online examinations and online exams.

learningBOX offers a wide range of examinations and tests in a variety of industries and fields, and we have all the features you need for online examinations and tests. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in "making online examinations and qualifications available online".

The learningBOX also provides sample web exam questions. For more information, you can use the sample materials after registering as a new administrator.

Please click here to register as a new admin!

The image of "e-learning" will change.
Start using it for free

We also have a page that summarizes this online exam. Please take a look at this page as well. Thank you for following along with this paper.

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