How to use the materials created with Google Slides as e-learning materials

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How to use the materials created with Google Slides as e-learning materials

My name is Kidaoka and I'm in charge of marketing. In this paper, we will discuss how to create training materials and presentation materials that are useful forHow to add Google Slides to learningBOXGoogle Slides is one of the business tools provided by Google, and it is a useful service that allows you to create slides for free.

With our e-learning system, you can register materials created with Google Slides as a single learning content.
➡ Slide materials can be taken by each member or group as e-learning learning materials.

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  • 1. what is Google Slides?
  • 2. use slide materials in e-learning
  • 3. how to embed Google Slides in learningBOX
  • 4. course study using both slide materials and quiz functions
  • 5. summary

What is Google Slides?

E-learning - Google Slides

In Google Slides, the presentation 'Templates, formats and fontsYou can easily embed videos, add animations, and more. It is an online presentation application that allows you to collaborate with other users, and it is a very useful application software to communicate your thoughts and ideas more clearly.

Differences between Google Slides and PowerPoint

When creating slide documents, many people use Microsoft's PowerPoint to create their documents. Here, we will briefly introduce the difference between Google Slides and PowerPoint.

The screen structure of Google Slides is very similar to PowerPoint, with the necessary functions displayed around a central slide. The main difference is that the functions available in Google Slides are limited and narrowed down to the functions required to create a slide.

Google Slides is designed to make it easy for you to focus on creating your presentation.

The strength of Google Slides is its simplicity and high design, while the strength of PowerPoint is its rich features.

That pretty much sums up what Google Slides is all about!

Multiple users can smoothly perform simultaneous editing in real time.
A wide variety of themes are available for free.
Can be integrated with Google applications
You can search for free images on the web and insert them as they are.
Data is automatically saved.
You can't create slides without installing PowerPoint, but with Google Slides, you can use it from your browser without installing it.

How to get started with Google Slides

To use Google Slides, you need to have a registered Google account. If you don't have an account, get one first. Once you have created an account, open Google Slides.
You can set up your Google account here.
Create a Google Account

Using slide materials in e-learning

E-Learning Learning - Google Slides

Tatsuno Information Systems uses Google Slides to create materials for new employee training and in-house training. It is convenient that the created materials can be used as e-learning immediately because they are simply registered in the learningBOX. The registration method is also designed to be just a few clicks with the mouse, so anyone can easily register.

Click here for examples of use at Tatsuno Information Systems

When using learningBOX for e-learning, the learner clicks on the "Start learning" button on the sidebar to start the training. learningBOX contents (learning materials) are managed in a folder. The learningBOX contents (learning materials) are managed in a folder, and the learner selects the materials in the folder to proceed with the training.

▼ Here is a capture of the actual learner screen. Create a company overview document with Google Slides ⇒ Use it in e-learning!
E-learning - Google Slides

How to embed Google Slides in learningBOX

In order to register Google Slides as learning materials, you need to set up the Google Slides side and register it to learningBOX. Since this is a practice, I will explain using the manual of how to use learningBOX created with Google Slides as an example.

How to set up the Google Slide side

▼ Watch this video.

Step 1. Click the file in the upper left corner and go to [Publish to Web].
Step 2. Click "Embed" to set the size and automatic display of the slide.
Step 3: When you are done, click the "Publish" button.
Step 4. Copy the embed code.
The embed code you copied will be used later when you register it in learningBOX!

How to set up a learningBOX

▼ Watch this video.

Step 1: Log in to learningBOX. From the "My Page" screen, click "Content Management".
Step 2: Click on the plus button and go to Other materials >> iframe materials.
Step 3. Fill in the title name and paste the embed code that you just copied.
Step 4: When you have finished pasting the embed code, click the Save button.
This completes the registration for Google Slides.

Let's look at the slide materials on the learner screen

▼ Watch this video.

Click "Learn" on the sidebar. When you open the content you have created, it will reflect the Google Slides content you have just set. When all the slides have been viewed, the learner's status will change to "Completed" and the grade will be saved. Click on "View Grades" and then click on the "Details" button to check the grade data of the material in detail.

Course study using both slide material and quiz features

You can get an easy estimate!content functionThe quiz function is recommended to support learners' memorization and learning. With this quiz function, you can quantify the confirmation of the study content of the slide materials by testing, and automatically grade 'pass/fail' according to the grade of the test.
To learn more about the quiz feature in learningBOX, please read this article. You can learn more about how to create and set up quizzes here.

Web-based certification tests and exams online.

Create a quiz
Test mode setting function


In this article, we have introduced how to register Google Slides to learningBOX, which is useful for creating training materials and presentation materials. Our e-learning system allows you to register materials created with Google Slides as a single learning content.

The concept of learningBOX is to create an e-learning system that is easy to start using, both in terms of cost and operation. learningBOX can be used for up to 10 users for free. It takes less than 5 minutes to register an account. It takes less than 5 minutes to register an account. Take this opportunity to try our e-learning for free!

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