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learningBOX 2.9

learningBOX has been upgraded to version 2.9

About this Version Upgrade Thank you for using learningBOX, our e-learning creation system. Today, learningBOX has been upgraded from Ver. 2.8 to Ver. 2.9. In this article, we will provide details about Ver. 2.9.10 (released on February 13, 2020), which adds various new features. List of New Functions and Functional Improvements ☑ "Integration with LDAP / ActiveDirectory SAML Authentication Settings Badge Settings" ☑ "Badge Settings" ☑ "Resume Suspension Suspend and Resume" ☑ "Suspend and Resume Function ☑ "Notification of Specified Course Materials" ☑ "Notification of Course Materials In this version upgrade, we have added the "LDAP / ActiveDirectory integration function" which has been requested by many users. In addition, many features have been added, including improvements to existing functions. We will now introduce the details of the 2.9 series upgrade. LDAP / ActiveDirectory Integration With the learningBOX 2.9 version upgrade, we have added support for integration with LDAP servers. LDAP v3 compatible directory services (OpenLDAP, Active Directory, etc.) can be used as a user authentication method. LDAP authentication can be used not only for user authentication, but also for user management in conjunction with directory services. LDAP authentication requires a dedicated server contract. SAML Authentication Settings SAML authentication settings have been added since Ver. 2.8. To make it easier to use, the corresponding Identity Provider (IdP) and authentication setting screen have been added. SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is an XML-based international standard authentication method for authenticating users across different Internet domains, and is a protocol for achieving single sign-on (SSO). Single sign-on (SSO) is a mechanism that allows users to log in to multiple services simultaneously with a single ID and password. SAML authentication requires design customization or a dedicated server contract. SAML Authentication Settings for Trust Login Trust Login" is a single sign-on service for enterprises with basic functions such as "single sign-on" that enables login to multiple services with a single ID and password, "ID management" and "log and report functions. SAML Authentication Settings in Google G Suite LearningBOX can be registered as a SAML application for G Suite. SAML Authentication Settings with OneLogin You can register learningBOX as a SAML application for OneLogin. Badge setting function A new feature has been added that also serves as a gamification element. With the badge function, learners are given badges based on their learning achievements, which can be expected to increase their motivation. Learners can also check their course status at a glance. The badge display function can be set for each material or folder. Please note that badge acquisition conditions differ for each material. Interruption Resume Function The "Suspend and Resume" function, which is useful when conducting tests and examinations, has been further improved. We understand that in many cases you may use the one-time-only limit when conducting a test, but with this improved feature, you can interrupt and resume the quiz even if you leave the system screen during the test. This is an option that allows users to suspend and resume the quiz when taking the quiz/test. You can interrupt your answers in the middle of the quiz, and resume from the middle of the quiz. A new mode "Resume from Interruption" has been added for this time. When "Enable" is specified, you can choose to "Resume from the beginning" or "Start over from the beginning" when resuming. If you specify "Enable only from the continuation", you can only select "Resume from the continuation". Notification function for specified course materials The "Notify me when a learner has completed certain material" function has been added to meet the request of "automatically notifying the administrator when a learner has completed certain material". This function allows you to set up email notifications to be sent to the administrator when there is a change in a learner's grade status. By using this function, you can set up an e-mail notification to be sent to the administrator only for the specified course materials. You can set this function to send email notifications to the administrator only for the specified course materials. Miscellaneous Please contact our CS sales team if you have any questions or need more information. Inquiry Form We will continue to listen to our customers' voices and improve our functions to make your use of our products even more comfortable. Thank you for your continued support of LearningBOX/QuizGenerator.

Notice of Office Relocation

Notice of Office Relocation Thank you for your continued patronage. We are pleased to inform you that our head office will be relocated on September 3, 2019 (Tuesday). Therefore, we would like to inform you of our new address. We will continue to strive for further improvement of our services and would appreciate your continued patronage. We apologize for the inconvenience this blog may cause, but we would like to take this opportunity to inform you of our new address. New address of the head office Tatsuno-cho, Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture 679-4129 216-1 Domoto, Tatsuno-cho, Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture Relocation date September 3, 2019 (Tuesday) *Our business at the current location will end at 18:00 on August 30, 2019. [Regarding phone calls]. *Phone and e-mail service will be unavailable on Monday, September 2 due to line construction. If you call us, you will hear an announcement such as "The telephone number you have dialed is not connected to a device that can communicate with you, or it may be malfunctioning." The Tokyo office will also be unavailable on the same day. The Tokyo office will also be out of service on the same day. Please note that the following information will not be available on the same day. We will reply to all e-mails received between 8/30 18:00 and 9/2 in order from 9/3. There will be no change in our telephone and fax numbers. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you in advance for your cooperation.

We will exhibit at [June 19(Wed) - June 21(Fri), 2019] The 10th Education IT Solution EXPO in Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition Hall!

What is Educational IT Solutions EXPO? The Education IT Solutions EXPO is Japan's largest IT exhibition for the education field, attracting school and education professionals from all over the country. The exhibition will feature a wide range of educational ICT-related technologies, products, and services, including business support systems, ICT equipment, digital teaching materials, e-learning, various services for schools, security, disaster countermeasures, and more. The event attracts a large number of school and education professionals, school distributors, and ICT and telecommunications providers, who come to consult and negotiate with each other to solve their problems. Exhibit Details learningBOX Anyone can easily build a learning environment on the web. QuizGenerator Anyone can easily create quizzes on the Web. Highlights At this year's exhibition, we will unveil the latest version 2.7 of learningBOX. We will release various new features such as "grade analysis management," "quiz tagging," and "email notification. QuizGenerator is a quiz creation tool that anyone can easily create quizzes with, and it is completely free for commercial use. In addition, by using our service, learningBOX, you can distribute your quizzes as educational materials for companies and schools. About our exhibition Dates: June 19 (Wed.) - 21 (Fri.), 2019 10:00 - 18:00 *Close at 17:00 on June 21 (Fri.) only Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Aomi Exhibition Hall Booth: B8-26 Aomi Exhibition Hall (2 min. walk from Tokyo Teleport Station / 4 min. walk from Aomi Station) Demonstrations and operational consultations will be available during the exhibition! Admission An invitation ticket and two business cards are required to enter the exhibition. Invitation tickets can be ordered here. Each invitation ticket is valid for one person only. (Valid for 3 days during the exhibition period.) If you are planning to visit the exhibition with more than one person, please have enough invitation tickets for each person.
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